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TICN is The Illustrator Collectors News; it is now a FREE use site on the internet.  It is NOW open for collectors of Antiques and Collectibles of all kinds.   The most collected items in the world are Paper Collectibles!  Our Publication has been in existence since 1983 and now  it is on the internet only. Our site  relates to OLD magazines; covers, pinups, calendars, prints, paper, advertising, paperdoll's, sports, movies, books, comics, pulps, catalogs, posters, various cards; cigarette, playing, postcards, valentines, automotive, aviation, movies, men's, music, sports, fashion, original Illustrator oils, pastels, sketches and artwork, funnies, hippie posters & antique paper in general; old illustrated and collectible paper of all kinds going back 100 years or more! Plus, new FREE areas devoted to a large variety of other collectibles.... 



Your FREE Classified may be run in any of our Collectibles or Antiques sections or category you may  wish. We have dozens of area/categories for you to choose from  Up to 20 words total, including YOUR email address. Just write up your 20 word ad in a email and send to us for free insertion, use this email:  It is just as simple as that!  YOUR ad must be within these 20 word limit and be sure to mention whether is a BUY or SELL ad. Scroll  all the way down past the Price Guide section and click on the Classified section and once the site is open you decide where you want your FREE ad to be, then simply write your ad in a email and email it to us.  This website will be supported by fellow collectors who wish to purchase one or more of our price guides to support the site. This is strictly Voluntary there is no obligation to do so when placing your free classified. But, if those using this site do make a modest purchase, a future fee will never be needed. By selling more of our popular guides and giving you free ads to you now we can grow and expand. In future this site will offer reviews on books, videos, CDs, Shows and other information relating to COLLECTIBLES. There have been more then 10,000 Illustrators who have worked in the Illustration & Art area over the past one hundred years. They have created some the most beautiful art and quality paper collectibles ever! Some pieces bring $1,000s of dollars for a single mass produced work on paper. In the area of magazine covers alone it is not unusual for a cover from the teens or the 1920s done by a popular Illustrator to fetch $100.00 or more each! Why such high values? Because of the fine lithographic printing quality of those times; which make many of these works miniature, jewel-like posters of stunning color and form and rarity, as each passing year this old paper becomes scarcer and scarcer. Created works as these are highly frameable as well. Just some of the more popular Illustrators our Collector's & Dealer's Buy, Sell and trade through TICN are listed below:



You will also find on our website:  information, articles, classifieds  and price guides on such American Great artists as:

Maxfield Parrish, Norman Rockwell, Harrison Fisher, Rose O'Neill, Vargas, George Petty, Earl Moran, Alberto Vargas, Icart, Erte', Mucha, Jessie Wilcox Smith, Howard Pyle, Winslow Homer, Edward Penfield, Rockwell Kent, Benda, Will Bradley, Pogany, H.C. Christy, Robert Robinson, Leslie Thrasher, John Held, Jr., Paus, Fangle, Frederic Remington, Bessie Pease Gutmann, Henry Hutt, Disney Artists, C.D. Gibson, N.C. Wyeth, Grace Drayton, Sheila Young, Coles Phillips, J.C. & F.X. Leyendecker, J.M. Flagg, Rolf Armstrong, Billy DeVorss, Bill Ward, Gil Evlgren, Earl Moran, Earl Christy, John Held, Jr., these are just a few of the collecting interests here and  there are many, many others.

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Many of our price guides listed here are several years old, but, the prices for each item listed is now more realistic then ever before. Because in the past Ebay caused a flood of collectibles into the marketplace that brought values down. Also, all of these guides will tell you which items are rarer then others and that in itself is very valuable information. So Grab a couple specialized new Guide's that can only be found here, not thin air! Our paper publication had been in existence for OVER 20 years and is still a meeting place for collector's who wish to expand their contacts worldwide; with the enjoyment of meeting other collectors and dealers of like interests in a friendly and positive atmosphere.



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Many of our upcoming Price & ID Guides will no longer be in Paper versions. But, will be E-GUIDES and on CDs, This will save you time money and allow you no postage costs, except those on CD with PDF files. See  our New Guides below and for further details. 

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Some of these Guides are being  updated as of now new editions, note those guides to be renewed follow or have already been updated.


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Also, we have a very limited supply of our other guides and some will not be renewed next year except as kindle books. So if you have interest in any of these areas, do not delay in ordering or the next time you come back they may be sold out. Also, most of these paper editions were limited printings of only 500 copies.  Also, check Amazon & other book dealer sites & you will find many of older our paper guides priced at 2 to 5 times as the values here. Happy Hunting and Collecting.    


Several NEW GUIDES ARE NOW AVAILABLE THROUGH AMAZON ONLY AS A new KINDLE BOOKS, so go there to and do a book search and then purchase. Some of our guides are now completely electronic and mainly for online readers such as those with KINDLES, to order these Kindle guides you must go to AMAZON and purchases them there under their books section, just do a title search and the book and order info will pop up for you. Scroll down for more !   CLICK ON LINKs BELOW TO TAKE YOU directly to these Guides on Amazon. 



1.  2,013  "THE PRICE & IDENTIFICATION GUIDE to MAXFIELD PARRISH" 12th Edition.  All Edison-Mazda's calendars  pictured, plus:  Brown & Bigelow's,   House of Art,   Reinthal - Newman,  Dodge  Publishing,  Broadmoor,  Century  Publishing,  Life,   Collier's, Curtis, Scribner's & Son's, prints, books, magazines (covers, advertising pages, internal illustrations,  articles), calendars,  portfolios, playing cards, reproductions,  and many spin-off items + Many new/old finds.  5 Star future Investment ratings so you will  know what is in demand and and rare . Needed  for today's reference and into the future.  A condition rating system. Plus a  simplified reproduction Identification system and listing with sizes of the same (most of which were different sizes then original prints & calendars .)  Also all original prints and calendars have  exact measurements listed in the guide  to within 1/16" of the original early  works,  another useful tool so you will not be fooled by reproductions. Only 500 copies of this guide were ever printed, now making this guide a collectible itself.  It was also written by a collector, dealer and buyer  of Maxfield Parrish for over 30 years. The few copies of the 11th edition guide that are out there are mostly in the hands of the serious MP  collectors who were subscribers to our paper publication that dealt exclusively with buying, selling and collecting illustrators and their old paper collectibles.  Two other Parrish price guide publishers in the past few years  used  this guide to determine values for their own poorly researched guides!  This KINDLE brand new edition guide is the most recent and up to date for values and information.  Published by TICN.  Denis C. Jackson, author…  coming here ON a CD SHORTLY.

The new 2013, 12th edition Maxfield Parrish Guide is NOW available for $9.95 postpaid and is released only in electronic book form as a Kindle book through Amazon only, so check with Amazon if you wish to purchase. No 12th or future editions will be in paper, electronic formats only. CLICK ON PICTURE BELOW AND ITS LINK  WILL TAKE YOU TO AMAZON BOOKS WITH THIS GUIDES REVIEWS, SAMPLE SECTIONS OF GUIDE FOR YOU TO VIEW FOR  FREE AND INSTANT PURCHASE OF THE 12TH EDITION WHEN THERE IF YOU WISH.


     2,000 - 2,001,  Maxfield Parrish, 11th  Paper edition  $9.95  +2.50 ship = $12.45

Just a few left of this older paper edition left, you may purchase this 11th EDITION ONLY from cart below 


2. 2013, 5th Edition "THE PRICE & IDENTIFICATION GUIDE to MEN'S (GIRLIE) MAGAZINES",   KINDLE AND SOON T BE  ON CD DISK WITH PDF FILES for your computer. no further paper editions will be done. This guide covers Men's Girlie, Vintage, Cartoons and News stander magazines, also Bettie Page checklists and with investment ratings system and Publishers. Plus, many new lost titles by some publishers that only did one printing or just a few volumes of their titles. Also,  and newly  found old  1st editions with prices. All publishers and three column  values. Plus, lots of V1,#1s thru V1,#10s.  Many, many  specific and single issues/ examples now included.  Highlighting Models, Stars, Pinups,  Plus, 5 Star investment ratings for each title revealing  what was  Hot then and what will be valuable into the Future. Expanded: Heavy on the odd titles from the 1950s and 1960s, 1970s,  some titles had only a very few  printings, others more. Generally  issues  from 1920s thru early 1980s have the most value to collectors.  Many of the titles here are much rarer then V1,#1 of Playboy and can sometimes be found on ebay and other sites for only a few dollars each, because most sellers do not know true rare issues. Values are given here in for issues that can be priced at way below true values and that is because of ignorance of values, but, that is the reality of the present day marketplace. Also in this guide is our  own GOLD  5 star rating system which points out issues that were  rare then and will become even rarer in future.

We rate Publishers and issues on a scale of one * thru five ***** Many of those same issues are even rarer now!  Proper knowledge of  comparison  is invaluable. This guide gives you accurate past information  pointing the way into the the  future. Reference material in this area is very scarce.  $8.95 Postpaid thru Amazon.

Soon  CD-R Disk with PDF files $8.95 plus ship. 


2013, 5th Edition is now available and has many covers pictured with numerous new additions and updates of values only as a KINDLE and sold at AMAZON BOOKS as an electronic book price guide only.  CLICK ON PICTURE BELOW AND ITS LINK  WILL TAKE YOU TO AMAZON BOOKS WITH THIS GUIDES REVIEWS, SAMPLE SECTIONS OF GUIDE FOR YOU TO VIEW FOR  FREE AND INSTANT PURCHASE OF THE 5TH EDITION WHEN THERE IF YOU WISH.





32000/2001 "THE PRICE & IDENTIFICATION GUIDE to OLD MAGAZINES"  5th Edition, 5x7, greatly expanded from 4th edition! Over 1,700+ titles are listed and many individual issues highlighted from all areas. Also, guide is coded to the 16 best selling Illustrators + advertising, autos, paper dolls, sports, movie stars & magazine covers of the past 100 plus years, up to 2 to 4 columns values for each publication and each issue, early 1880s thru 1990s and much, much more. This general Old Magazines guide is a must for any one who has a stack or garage full of old magazines, or is just a collector. Values can range from $1.00 to $2.00 per issue but,  with many in the middle values of $25.00 to $50.00 per issue and high values  of up to $300.00  per issue. No renewal planned in near future. Limited edition of 1 of 500 only printed  and created especially for those collectors in this area.  Authored by D.C. Jackson, collector and dealer of  old magazines for over 30 years and  TICN is publisher.  ISBN: 1-888687-09-6. A Superior  reference guide as to what issues were valuable then and into the future. PAPER EDITION ONLY.

- $7.95 - 1st class ship $1.75,  total = $9.70




4. 2013  "THE PRICE & IDENTIFICATION GUIDE to ROSE O'NEILL", 5th  Edition, highly illustrated with many pictures. Each item she illustrated is  priced and described, with dates and title of magazines or sources and with descriptions. Gives much needed  info on where to find Rose's works in/on, Kewpie dolls,dishes, auction items,  old magazines + advertising, illustrations, books, paper items from many different sources, a few are  from:  Puck, LHJ,  Delineator, Cosmopolitan, Good Housekeeping, WHC, Hearst's, Books by and about her,  etc... From 1897 thru the 1990s, many new additions to this  great American illustrator.  Now as kindle only, no further paper editions.  



 Shipping Free through Amazon, click on picture below to view sample sections and illustrations from this new Edition. - $7.95 - 





5 1994 "THE PRICE & ID GUIDE to OLD MAGAZINE PAPER DOLLS" including cut-outs, 3rd edition, 7x8, each paper doll item is priced by the illustrator, date and source. Strong focus on the "Golden Age" paper, teens thru 1920s. From LHJ, Pictorial, WHC, Review, McCalls, Delineator, etc. Dollie Dingle, Lettie Lane, Betsy McCall, more!




6.   "THE PRICE & ID GUIDE to ALBERTO VARGAS & GEORGE PETTY", 4th edition,  expanded, revised, this guide covers: All of  their pin-ups from calendars, Old & new prints, record covers, programs, books, magazines: covers, advertisements, posters,   matches & books, sheet music, artists proofs, original artwork, old and new prints, mutoscope and playing  cards, Magazines: Esquire, Playboy, gatefolds,  cartoons,  movie posters, etc... magazines with their advertising, gatefolds, cartoons, pinup sheets,  Ice Capades,  illustrations,  general; Anything old that held their illustrations., each items is identified by date, description  and value for each item is given.  Newspapers  and all other  illustration formats, plus  much more. This guide is for the serious collectors only only 500 copies of this guide were  ever printed. They were offered to a limited collecting audience of Pin-Up collectors. Written by Denis C. Jackson, collector and dealer of Illustrators items for over 30 years.  Printed in 1998 by TICN publishers. PAPER EDITION ONLY, and we have a very limited supply left in this paper edition!  


 -$7.95 - 1st class ship $2.00, total = $9.95 


7.    "THE PRICE & ID GUIDE to COLES PHILLIPS"  3rd edition, 2012,  5x7, dates & prices  Covers of :  Life's, SEPs, Collier's, Good Housekeeping, LHJ, Liberty, American, Delineator, Literary Digest, Vogue, WHC,  and many others.. Plus internal illustrations, fashions, advertising , internal ads,  books,+ more. This guide lists, describes and prices each item. From 1900 thru 1920s. Coles developed the style called Fade-away art which has been copied in these years by Bev Doolittle. Coles  passed away in 1925. Updated market prices & additions.   This small  guide is one of a limited printing of only 500 copies ever done. No further editions were printed or are planned at this time. It is becoming most rare because of this fact. The author is a dealer and collectors of illustrators and their paper collectibles and has been for 30 years. This CP guide sells used for up to $20.00 each at online book dealers, as only 500 were printed in 1994. So I recommend you also get this older paper edition for reference as we only have a few copies of this original printing left.  You can get the 2012, 3rd edition, updated, with color illustrations AND ONLY online through Kindle/Amazon for $6.95  CLICK ON PICTURE BELOW AND IT WILL TAKE YOU TO AMAZON BOOKS WITH REVIEW, SAMPLE SECTIONS OF GUIDE YOU CAN VIEW FREE AND INSTANT PURCHASE OF THIS NEW 5TH EDITION THERE IF YOU WISH.




- $3.95 - + 1st class ship for the 2ND EDITION from 1994 only!  Paper edition order from cart -



8.  1999/98 "THE PRICE & ID GUIDE to NORMAN ROCKWELL,  4th edition, 5x7, prices  325 SEP magazine covers +++ 100s more SEP Ills, ads, many new/old finds by NR, Plus, Boy's Life, Child Life, Country Gentleman, Judge, LHJ, Literary Digest, and more in the area of internal ads, illustrated story’s and covers by NR. Other   illustrations in many different magazines, books. Plus, boy scouts, WWII items,  advertising, paper, posters, calendars, more, values, descriptions  and dates for each item given....
Updated market prices & additions.   This  guide is one of a limited printing of only  one 500 copies ever done. No further editions were printed or are planned. It is becoming most rare because of this fact. Author  Denis Jackson is a dealer and collector of illustrators and their paper collectibles and has been for 30 years.  Printed by TICN publishers. PAPER EDITION ONLY.

-  $7.95 - 1st class ship $2.00, total $9.95


9.   2013 "THE PRICE & ID GUIDE to JC & FX LEYENDECKER", 5th, edition,  contains publishers, titles, dates of original issue and prices on over 370 of their Saturday Evening Post covers, + 100s of other covers they illustrated for various other periodical publications from the late 1890s forward.  +100s of ads, illustrations, paper, books, posters, window posters, military and more. Plus, his brother F.X. Leyendecker and all of his illustrated works are listed as well.  $7.95. Available only as a KINDLE GUIDE at Amazon, click on illustration below, to view sample sections. Thank You.  





10.  2,013:  THE PRICE & IDENTIFICATION  GUIDE TO  MARILYN MONROE  -  5th  Edition,  Kindle. Chapters with publisher information, dates, values and descriptions:  Introduction to Collecting Marilyn Monroe - General Circulation Magazines - Magazines about Marilyn - Men's Magazine - Movie & Entertainment Magazines - Magazines Digests - Scandal & Gossip Magazines - Ladies' Magazines - Life Magazines -  Magazines Printed Oversea's - Hardbound Books – Videos - Paperbacks & Softbound Books - Documentaries & Outtakes -  Interviews - Lobby Cards – Newspapers – Calendars - Records 45 RPM & LPs - Sheet Music - dolls, art, ceramics, plates, and more.  Miscellaneous. Descriptions and values, dates, where to find, 1,000s of up to date and comparison values. Also the guide notes which areas are the best investments and why.  

 This is available as a electronic Kindle Book only and postpaid.  Go to Amazon and do a search for this complete title as above under books for sale directly through them.  CLICK ON PICTURE BELOW AND IT WILL TAKE YOU TO AMAZON BOOKS WITH REVIEW, SAMPLE SECTIONS OF GUIDE YOU CAN VIEW FREE AND INSTANT PURCHASE OF THIS NEW 5TH EDITION IF YOU WISH.



Now available for $8.95 at Amazon Kindle only -


11.   2012  "THE PRICE & ID GUIDE to PIN-UPS & GLAMOUR ART",   3rd Edition.  Now covers all  50 American Pinup artists; the  works of Rolf Armstrong,  Gil Elvgren,  Earl Moran,  Billy DeVorss,  Zoe Mozert,  Enoch Bolles,  Peter Driben, Mabel Harris, Gene Pressler, T.N. Thompson, Fritz Willis, K.O. Munson, Art Frahm, Jules Erbit,  Earl MacPherson, Bill Ward, and many, many other Pinup Artists. Values  and dates given for each Calendar, Print, mutoscope card , original artwork, playing cards,  illustrated  advertising , magazines: covers,  gatefolds, cartoons,  notepads,  ink blotters w/titles postcards  & more that each artist created. With sizes, values, dates on each item...  This  guide is Now and only available as a KINDLE BOOK, through Amazon and free to borrow for a short time throughAmazon Prime Library  Or you may purchase this guide through Amazon/Kindle books for $8.95 postpaid. No further paper editions are planned. The paper editions of the past are becoming most rare and sell for up to $25.00 each used online. Author Denis Jackson is a dealer and collectors of illustrators and their paper collectibles and has been for 40 years.  Present and past editions Printed  and Copyrighted by TICN publishers.  ISBN: 1-888687-02-9.CLICK ON PICTURE BELOW AND IT WILL TAKE YOU TO AMAZON BOOKS WITH REVIEW, SAMPLE SECTIONS OF GUIDE YOU CAN VIEW FREE AND INSTANT PURCHASE OF THIS NEW 3RD EDITION THERE IF YOU WISH.



12.  2005/2004  "THE PRICE & ID GUIDE TO PLAYBOY MAGAZINES"  NEW 6th edition, 5x7, gives values on each average & and on each  Mint/Near Mint condition issue. Starts at the the 1st printing in  1953  through to 1999.. Superior reference material. Identifies all of the Alberto Vargas pin-up issues.  Shows you the more valuable issues with special stars, celebrities, and sought after interviews in specific past issues. Points out and  highlights many  special issues and spin-off Playboy publications & magazines, greatly expanded in this last area. Website values and Ebay auction values are taken into consideration in this issue. ISBN: 1-888687-13-4. PAPER EDITION ONLY.


-  $6.95  -  1st class ship 1.50, total = $8.45   In Paper Only -


 13.   2001/2000 "LIFE MAGAZINES  Price & Identification Guide,  5"x7", 3rd edition.  New Photographic Life started in 1936, every issue in this guide is  priced, dated and described from 1936 to 1994 with descriptions of each issue and contents, cover and  value.  Movie Stars,  Stage Stars, baseball,  sports figures, personalities, events, Wars, photos,  articles, special issues highlighted. Life magazine becomes a more popular collectible with each passing year.  Also, all  major illustrators from 1898 to 1930s who did cover illustrations and ads in OLD Life, such as Maxfield Parrish, Coles Phillips, John Held, Jr., F X Leyendecker, Norman Rockwell, etc… priced by issue,  Illustrator, date, description and value.  Many of these Life magazine  issues thru various years  are in the hundreds of dollars each in  value.  Knowing which is which is very important in todays marketplace! This guide was printed in a limited edition of only 500 copies and this is one of them, in new condition and written by a collectors and dealer of old magazines and Illustrators since the early 1970s. TICN is publisher. Many new additions and high value finds in the new issue. This guide is very valuable to any who has access to a number of these.  Important because values can vary from a few dollars each on up, depending upon the issue. To know what has value and what does not is very important to any seller. ISBN: 1-888687-11-8. PAPER EDITION ONLY.



  -  $7.95  -  1st class ship, $2.00 total = $9.95. 



14.   1994/1995 "THE OLD MOVIE, TV, SOAP OPERA & RADIO; MAGAZINES PRICE & ID GUIDE", 1st edition, 52pgs, 7,600 Major and Hot Stars keyed to 2,900 priced & described TITLES and issues from 1912 thru 1991. Titled listed in alpha order by publisher. Every old issue is priced for value with its date and contents.  Very valuable issues are pointed out.  Plus, Top Illustrator's: Alberto Varga, Christy, Zoe  Mozert,  Henry Clive,  Hal Phyfe,  J.M. Flagg, etc.. and their; covers, ads, portraits. The most extensive guide ever done in this  area of collectible magazines.Covering many issues and all of these stars and many  more are highlighted with values in this guide: Stars such as: Monroe, James Dean, Bette Davis, Elvis,  Cher,  Brando, Gene Autry, Roy Rogers, Ronald Reagan, Shirley Temple, Judy Garland, Bogart, Lucille Ball, John Wayne, Liz Taylor, Clark Gable, Valentino, Chaplin, Jean Harlow, 100s of others. This guide was printed in a limited edition of only 500 copies and this is one of them, in new  condition and written by a collectors and dealer of old magazines and Illustrators since the early 1970s. TICN is publisher. Many new additions and high value finds in the new issue. This guide is very valuable to any who has access to a number of these. Important because values can vary from a few dollars each on up, depending upon the issue. To know what has value and what does not is very important to any seller. PAPER EDITION ONLY.

-  $7.95  - 1st class ship, $2.00 total = $9.95




15.   2001/2000 "THE SATURDAY EVENING POST" PRICE & GUIDE,  1st Edition,  1899 thru 1967, This guide prices over 3,250 SEP magazine covers, 325 for Norman Rockwell,  340+ for The  Leyendecker Brothers, also Harrison Fisher,  Neysa  McMein,  Phillip  Boileau,  S.S. Weber, Walt  Otto,  Hunter,  Leslie Thrasher,  Stanlaws and over 250 other major & minor Illustrators, 52 pages and values, descriptions & dates given for each cover.` This guide was printed in a limited edition of only 500 copies and this is one of them, in new condition and written by a collectors and dealer of old magazines and Illustrators since the early 1970s. TICN is publisher. Many new additions and high value finds in the new issue. This guide is very valuable to any who has access to a number of these. Important because values can vary from a few dollars each on up, depending upon the issue. To know what has value and what does not is very important to any seller.  PAPER EDITION ONLY.


-  $8.95  - 1st class ship, $2.50 total = $11.45






You may order any of our paper editions from us now, just send Money Order or Personal check. Postage & handling costs are $2.50 for 1st guide and $1.00 for each other guide.  We ship via US Mail 1st Class or large orders go out via Priority US mailings. Send your payment to:

 Denis Jackson: TICN:  42084 Abel Way S., Salome AZ. 85348  


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Questions and Answers on Collecting



We now have 9 FREE ARTICLES here for you to read from our archives . I hope you will enjoy browsing and reading the articles from our archives.  SEVERAL NEW ARTICLES JUST ADDED!  

 Put us in your bookmarks, more articles coming in future.


1st  article      "Grace Drayton"      Paperdoll and children's Illustrator 

2nd   article   "F. X.  Leyendecker" Men's & Fashion Illustrator

3rd article      "Maxfield Parrish" a glimpse from the turn of this Century

4th article on   "Earl Moran" the famous Pin-up artist. Also written by Earl Moran

5th article"Preserving and Caring for Your Old Calendars Prints & Paper Collectibles" take proper care of your investments.

6th Article       "Harrison Fisher" and his models, ala 1920's

Just added articles on  Zoey Mozert,  Neysa McMein and Fred Cooper. 




Denis C. Jackson

Writer - Publisher for 40 Years




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