Question ....What is the most popular collectible?

Answer.... Paper items are the most collected of all items worldwide. This includes books, calendars, prints, magazines, and paper items of all kinds. In the paper area any old paper item that is color illustrated is usually the most desirable.

Question..... Who are Illustrators?

Answer.... Illustrators were artists such as Maxfield Parrish, Norman Rockwell, Harrison Fisher, etc... there were over 10,000+ illustrators who practiced their art commercially in the USA a lone - in the past 100 years. These were artists that were paid to illustrate and their works appeared in and on a massive amounts of various paper items. Most of these items are now very collectible.

Question.... In the area of paper collectibles which area has the most value to collectors & dealers?

Answer.... Many area's can have high value in today's marketplace. Older illustrated paper usually, but, not always have the most value. As an example, early Saturday Eveing Post magazines where usually thrown away after reading. However, many examples and collections of them have been saved or dispersed in the populus. Many are very valuable now.... Some of SEP covers by Norman Rockwell from the teens and 1920s can bring $100.00s of dollars each. High values apply to other Illustrators as well.

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