Sitka Sound...from Brown Bear Ballads to Crab Concertos

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Our Alaskan Music CD Includes Bears, Crabs . . .

. . and yes, Virginia . . . there really is an Old Blue!

Although the outrageous My Southeast Alaska Dream is an off-the-wall potpourri of Southeast Alaskan terms describing an unlikely female charmer who resembles nothing remotely human, the events related in Old Blue actually happened...

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Soooo...just what have you bumped into here, folks?
Well, nothing more alarming than a friendly little Alaskan independent do-it-our-own-way effort to peddle a few CDs filled with simply the best homemade original Southeast Alaskan ballads, rhymes, and ditties your hard-earned money can buy. Plus an absolutely free dose of Southeast Alaska/Pacific Northwest hospitality: Whether you decide to buy our CD or not, we're tickled that you've found us and invite you to poke around a bit and say hi via e-mail or snailmail if so moved.
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