About Your Host...

First, a hearty Welcome! to Sitka Sound Records...

There. That was the easy part. Before we go any further, however, you need to know that I've been agonizing over this page for one big reason: It's supposed to be about me. And since my ancestry is full-blooded modest-to-a-fault Norwegian, this is an especially daunting task...somewhat akin to dancing down the fine line that separates simple getting-to-know-you banter from arrogant self-indulgence and gratuitous disclosure.

What to do? Well, as luck would have it, my lovely bride Merry Jean (I named our motorsailor after this woman) sensed my anguish and suggested getting something onto this page in interview form...so here goes....

Merry: Why did you make this web page?
David: Peer pressure.
Merry: Come on--really.
David: Well, we've lived several lives--and one of the best was our 17 years in Sitka, Alaska. There's much to share.
Merry: Oh, yes.
David: There's a lot on the web about Southeast Alaska and the Pacific Northwest, but most of it's created by the tourist industry--and not much by people who have "been there."
Merry: You wrote those songs for Alaskans. Are people from the "outside" going to understand all the lyrics?
David: Yes. No. Not all. Well, the glossary will help some folks.
Merry: How about the photographs?
David: We have pictures of places most tourists never reach--or find!
Merry: By the way, how do people get those slick shots of bald eagles snatching fish from the water?
David: Catch a bunch of rock cod and let 'em bloat up so they float. Then toss 'em out on the water below some eagle trees on the beach--set up your motor-driven Nikon with a lens longer than your neighbor's nose--and wait.
Merry: Why didn't you do that?
David: I was setting crab pots.
Merry: And writing songs?
David: And pulling halibut skates.
Merry: And writing songs?
David: And catching salmon.
Merry: And ling cod.
David: And writing songs.
Merry: Yes.
David: Can I go now?
Merry: Yes. That'll do.
David at the Turkey Farm
Your Host, David Estrem, Inviting You to Take a Peek
Inside the Primary Haunt of the Austin Nichols Prayer,
Poker & Burial Society (Photo: Steve Vieira)