Glossary of Some Esoteric Southeast Alaskan Terms...

Alexander Archipelago is the group of islands of Southeast Alaska.
Black Cod are also called “Sablefish”--rich, oily, and fantastic boiled or smoked.
Brown Bears are big, fast--and want to hug you.
Crab Pots are crab traps.
D-2 was a controversial federal land legislation debated in 1978.
Devil’s Club is a tall, nasty, spiny plant.
Dungeness Crab have sweet meat--but pinch hard.
Goddard Gotchas are created by emptying all the partial liquor bottles into one container.
Halibut Skates are very long lines run on the ocean bottom with hooks every few fathoms.
Hemlock is one of the enormous coniferous trees in Southeast Alaska.
Herring Roe are grayish fish eggs.
Humpies is the nickname for migrating pink salmon.
Kalinin Bay is on the inside of the north end of Kruzof Island, west of Sitka.
Ling Cod are large bottom fish with enormous mouths and lips.
Minus Tides mean less water on shore--and more beach.
Ne pas actionner la chasse quand le train est en gare! means "Don’t flush the toilet while the train is in the station."
Red Snapper are bright red bottom fish.
Rock Cod are bottom fish with big googly eyes.
Salisbury Sound is on the north end of Kruzof Island.
Sea Lion Cove is on the outside of the north end of Kruzof Island, west of Sitka.
Slugs are slimy snails with no shells. Don’t eat ‘em.
Swan Lake is fresh water--not habitat for crab.
Tanner Crab are leggy shell-fish.
Venison Backstrap is the tenderloin of the Sitka Blacktail Deer.
Volcanic Ash is the base underneath most overburden in Southeast Alaska.