Some of Our Favorite Southeast Alaskan Photos

Hope you enjoy these (please be patient while they load)...

Crescent Harbor, Sitka, Alaska

Local Trollers in Crescent Harbor, Sitka, Alaska (also a tour ship landing port)
Photography: Otto

St. Michael's Cathedral, Sitka, Alaska

St. Michael's Cathedral (Russian Orthodox) in downtown Sitka, Alaska
Photography: Otto

Mt. Edgecumbe, Kruzof Island, Alaska

Mt. Edgecumbe on Kruzof Island...
the extinct volcano that Porky fired up one fine April Fool's Day and put the townsfolk in a lather...
Photography: Otto

Tlingit Totem, Totem Park, Sitka, Alaska

Tlingit Totem in Totem Park, Sitka, Alaska
Photography: Otto

The Turkey Farm, Home of the Austin Nichols Prayer, Poker & Burial Society

Last But Certainly Not Least: I built a cabin in the woods northwest of town (Sitka), despite the fact that there was no access road up the side of the mountain during construction. This hallowed ground soon became the primary haunt of the Austin Nichols Prayer, Poker & Burial Society. The cabin eventually acquired the name "The Turkey Farm" since many wild turkeys were killed up there. (Austin Nichols is the distiller of Wild Turkey whiskey.)
Photography: Steve Vieira