Group 2


Again – here are the coins as they arrived from Lee.




And the star of the group on arrival appears to be this wide eyed Emperor:




Results after the night of soaking and a bit of scrubbing – step one on the Experiment page are not too bad – especially with the Emperor – which is starting to show more silvering and no its not in the reflection.  Patience will be used with this one, since a silvered coin I destroyed earlier





We are now seeing another coin emerge with a lot of detail in the hair and face – sorry it’s not showing here – macro photography with the digital is a new frontier.


These were then soaked for three days in sunshine water and after three days of “sol” induced warmth.  After that there was a scrubbing, and returned to distilled water and sunshine.


Now a small editorial – jars of coins outside and an 18 month old do not mix well.  In the two weeks of exterior soaking, I had to replace two jars and heavens only knows how long the coins just sat drying in the sun.


The coins were cleaned and there was really no noticeable change.  So, having olive oil on hand, these coins were tossed into a small baby jar with olive oil.