Group 1


Again – here are the coins as they arrived from Lee.




And the star of the group on arrival appears to be the cup coin:




Results after about 24 hours of soaking and a bit of scrubbing –

step one on the Experiment page.




It appears that there are two coins here that are very similar they are the ones in the lower left.  The cup coin, which was pretty close to immaculate before the soaking and light scrubbing has revealed more details to include the mint mark.  The crusty at the top left is slowly coming apart – there is a huge perfect oval indented down to the base coin.


The coins were then stuck in distilled water that had been boiled and the coins tossed in – they sat on top of the refrig where there is a source of continual warmth.  I must note that I noticed that this jar of distilled water did not have any “bubble action” like the other two did.  The water remained very clear, while the Group 2 and 3 jars had a lot of small air bubbles in and around the coins being soaked. 


After a week of soaking, I replaced the water with extremely warm, but not boiling distilled water.  The “bubble action” returned, and all was well or so I thought.  Until about a week later when I asked my wife – uh Honey where are the coins on top of the frig?”  “Oh, I saw them in the freezer didn’t you put them there?”  Nope, but ok what the heck.  They were thawed out and everything was scrubbed.


The crusty coin lost its 1/8th of an inch green-black shell – the coin beneath was green and began soaking as an actual coin.