Monoprints are produced with the use of a plate made of copper, zinc or plexiglass, usually run through a press to achieve an even consistent surface. The plate is painted with a brayer or other tools using oil or water base inks. Mono prints are one of a kind, hand pulled individually. A'ghost'print may be pulled if enough ink remains on the plate from the first run. These are often very attractive and may be enhanced during additional runs.

The plate is often run several times with different inks and colors. Mask out of areas saves parts which are deemed valuable or will enhance the final piece. Additive effects, using found objects, plants or developed designs over lay earlier runs.

Monoprints have the magic of surprise as the paper is lifted from the plate. Unknown overlays of color, textures created by tacky paint and accidents add to the excitement.


Carol Janda
Port Angeles, WA
360-452-6356 (studio), 360-452-8165 (gallery)


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