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                                                Canine Musical Freestyle   
  What is it?  It is a unique way of bonding with your favorite canine dancing partner that involves a choreographed set of moves performed to music that fits the character and footfall of the dog.
  Who can do it?  Anyone who loves music and having a fun time with their dog. You can be tall or short, heavy or skinny, on two legs or in a wheelchair. The object is to have fun with your dog !
  Who is the star?  Both of you share equally the spotlight. You do not want to do anything that endangers your dog or yourself in your pursuit of stardom and titles.
  What levels are there?  There are divisions for the very beginning freestyler all the way to Masters and the Perfect Dance Partner depending on the organization. There is a Division for the older handler and dog called Sassy Senior in WCFO and Veterans in Paws 2 Dance.  There is one for the dog or handler with a physical problem of some kind called Handi Dandi...There is also one if you just want to have fun and showcase your dog called Innovation or the Training Division, again depending on the organization.
  Organization Affiliation:
Emerald City promotes two organizations mainly, Paws 2 Dance in Canada www.paws2dance.com  and the World Canine Freestyle Organization www.worldcaninefreestyle.org in the United States... For complete rules and information you will need to visit their websites.