Membership in Emerald City K-9 Freestyle Dancers


Membership in Emerald City K-9 Freestyle Dancers is the beginning of a whole new and exciting chapter in your life.

We are a local club in the western Washington area and endeavor to promote the exciting sport of Canine Musical Freestyle by doing demonstrations for sporting events such as dog walks, dog shows, charity events promoting dogs, nursing homes and retirement homes.

Our members come from many backgrounds such as teachers, doctors, veterinarians, secretaries, store clerks, housewives, flight attendants, dog groomers, nurses and anyone who loves spending quality time with their furry friend in a creative way such as dance.

Many of our members belong to more than one organization such as WCFO and Paws 2 Dance. You do not have to join one of those organizations to be a member of our Club.  Quite a few of our members are not interested in competing and prefer to just train and socialize with the other members, which we encourage.  Not everyone has the time to devote to the practice required for competition and some prefer to just do their dancing in the privacy of their own homes or for their friends.

Our Club has been putting on competitions for Paws 2 Dance for 10 years and for WCFO 6 years.  We also hold meetings when necessary, parties when we can fit them in and a lot of computer visits since we are all so far spread, in Canada, Eastern and Western Washington and Oregon.

We try to put on at least one workshop a year and have one coming up on November 5th and 6th with the multi-talented Julie Flanery.
Click here for a video of Julie teaching her new puppy Kashi some freestyle behaviors.

If you would like to join us here is a link to our membership application.