Electrical System Up-grades, Enhancements and Fixes

Basic troubleshooting for
Battery/Starting/Charging problems

 Ever wish your power windows worked without the key?
If you have a pre '96 XJ, then this tip is for you!
"Full Time" Electric Windows

Want to wire a switch to turn on your Aux cooling fan?
Auxiliary Cooling fan Manual Override

Got Extra Lights?  Hi Watt Stereo?  Winch? Here's how you can
Charge up your electrical system



If you need more switches for extra goodies you've added,
Here's how I installed three switches in the coin holder
that look very neat and "factory-like".
Three Poasiton Switch Panel

Want your fog lights to operate with high and low beams?
Or use the circuit for driving lights, and have them go on and off with the high beams?
Or just work independently of the headlights altogether?
 How to Rewire your Fog Light Relay

If you have a manual tranny, and have brake fluid from your clutch cylinder on your Fuse Box,
You need to read this before it's too late, and learn how to effectively clean it out before irreversible damage occurs.
Plastic vs. brake fluid, the fuses looses!

If you are experiencing erratic readings on your Oil Pressure Gauge (or no reading at all),
check this out before you buy a new sending unit:
Oil Pressure Gauge and Sending Unit Troubleshooting

If you are interested in upgrading to H-4 Headlights,
I tested various H-4 high output bulbs,
and here is what I found
H-4 High Output Bulbs

Do you know about OX-GARD?
You should, ...it's your electrical system's best friend.
Find out why...

Here is how you can calculate the current draw
of extra accessories like auxiliary lighting.
This is a good thing to know when determining
whether or not you need a bigger alternator.
How to use "Ohm's Law"

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and is constantly growing.
More to come soon.

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