Three Position Switch Panel Installation

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This common after market three position switch panel is just the right size to completely cover the coin holder.
The switches control three separate relays, left to right:
Rear Auxiliary Backup Light;
Auxiliary Cooling Fan;
Accessories Package (radios, inverter, extra 12 volt outlets).

The black sheet metal screws that secure it in place are barely noticeable until you lean forward and view the panel from the top.

To install the switch panel I removed the console and cut out the bottom of the coin holder with a hacksaw. It doesn't have to be neat because it can't be seen when the panel is in place.  Cutting only the bottom out provides clearance for the switches and wires, and leaves enough of the coin holder to attach the bracket to.  I used a piece of scrap sheet metal that I trimmed to the inner width of the switch panel mounting area and notched out each side to fit into the coin holder.  I bent it in a vise to match the two angles then attached it with two sheet metal screws.

As you can see there is plenty of room for the switches and the wires to extend down into the console. Notching the mounting holes in the switch panel allows it to fit tightly against the console while you tighten the screws. This provides perfect alignment and eliminates the need for precise hole placement.

When it's all put together it has a near factory appearance and the location is very convenient. Unfortunately the amber switch was a cheap Taiwan product and the bezel cracked on installation. I have since replaced it with one of higher quality.

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