Aging usually is thought of as a transformation process. Usually involving "wisdom." I now view "about us" which I am not, as floating towards an
epitaph. How many of you have given thought to your own. That epitaph is not mine of course but I look upon what I wrote a few years ago with hubris.
Since then four friends
have died, one of ALS and I was very involved with his sad journey. The unexpected would hit me the next year and change much
about my life. Becoming disabled ended my pry bar, maul and pick-axing days. I can still do lapidary, so I began learning about silver
smithing and wire wrapping.

Strangely enough, a note I put into a future article on Obsidian
was this:
Born under Sagittarius, most of my signs were in the fire houses - major issues with that. Fire is often misunderstood, but as a (non-sedimentary) rock hound I do gravitate to the Igneous, so obsidian really fascinates me. Fire is viewed as an element of destruction. Most alchemical teachers believe that it has dominion over other provinces and reflects change for. My life has not been one of stabilization into new forms (conglomerate), nor has it been sedimentary. The last years of illness and being reformed were to be endured 2013 may be a year of transformation into something better.

That said, my “about us” from a few years back: Skyline Nursery opened in 1982 with the hopes of growing and introducing new and useful plants to the Pacific Northwest – namely to the Olympic Peninsula and to Sequim particularly. Where they all of merit? Will they appeal to customers? Sometimes they did not. I began with a fascination of rock garden and alpine plants, but soon added a collection of perennials and interesting woody plants. Native plants and Xericape choices became the next interest, as I am beginning to focus on the need to deal with an ever-drying climate. Sequim is basically a desert island in a sea of Pacific Northwest climate zones.

I hope you will find in the plant links something of interest. They are well grown and many are rarely offered. Within this website I hope to
introduce you to many new and useful choices. For those customers living on the Olympic Peninsula I ask you to visit, I am open by appointment.
I am always happy to assist you in making appropriate
 choices, and to that end I have created a garden site that might answer some of your growing questions.
 I hope
some of the articles will also give you a chuckle, and sometimes evoke a memory or even a tear. You see, many of my repeat customers have now
passed on or cannot garden anymore. Every day I miss their critiques, guidance and silenced voices. You will find posts to them in the blog on remembrances.

I must note that one should check ahead before visiting. This is a year of cleanup and remembrances,
 and noting that perhaps, this site is my own epitaph.

Contact me.

(C) Herb Senft 2013