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A beginning for Garden plants for sale

Plants will vary in price   Some will only be available during  dormancy - late Fall or early Spring.

Lewisia cotyledon "Sunset Strain"  Great rockery plant  3.50 ea.


You are looking at one plant in a 3.5 inch pot. One of the more popular of the Lewisia species , great for pots.Rarely exceeding 5 inches in height Lewisia cotyledon makes an ideal rockery plant, or a wonderful specimen in a clay pot, tuffa planter. Well sited, single plants will life for 10 years or longer in ideal conditions and will reseed easily. Seedlings with good care can reach flowering potential in less than 3 years.

Due to weather patterns and natural habitat, gardeners in western North America will have better success than those who live in the east. Generally they need exceptionally well-drained soil, especially around the neck of the crowns and some shade from hot afternoon sun. This evergreen species needs to have their crowns relatively dry in the winter, so planting on a drained slope is preferable. In Europe or the East coast, one should place them in a cool dry alpine house. Clay pots plunged in a cold frame is a good way to go. 

Lewisia are probably among the top 10 alpines plants grown (or wanting to be grown) by rock garden enthusiasts. Lewisia cotyledon has the greatest color range of any Lewisia and is no doubt, the reason for its popularity.
Shipping for one plant may be expensive, but they can be combined with other plants. Six pots of this size can be shipped  for 12.95 in a medium flat rate box. Please contact me about shipping costs or other concerns.

Recent edit!  One reason I am not selling on eBay anymore is that I have no clue about the buyers location. The last person puchasing this plant was from San Diego. Lewisia need winter chilling, so I doubt they will thrive in this environment. Same for Japanese maples or our native Ribies sanguinium  sent to Phoenix or the Florida keys.  Please  check out the background of these plants before placing an order.

Wasabi is from Japan and the last person ordering it was from Okalahoma.  Need I say more.

Wasabi Japonicum  (Japanaese Horseradish)  3.50 for a 3" pot.

Acer japonicum (palmatum)  
Green Japanese Maple
   1 gal. plants 7.00

Cercidiphyllum jap. Katsura tree   1 gal. 6.00

Cotinus coggygria Purple Smoke tree
 1 gal. plants 7.00

Ginkgo biloba  Ginkgo  1 gal. 7.00

Juglans regia  'English Walnut'  2 gal cans 8.00


DAWN REDWOOD    1 gal. 6.00.

Sequoia gigantea Giant Sequoia   .
1 gal plants 7.00       (Sequim Story)  

Taxodium distichum Baldcypress  2 gal. 7.00

Sarcococca Ruscifolia Fragrant Sarcococca  1 gal. 6.00