Hackel-Haenel Family

Rosemarie Voyles


My paternal grandmother Emilie Hackel was born about 1868 in Steinschönau.  Her sister was Theresia (Resi) Hackel (and perhaps not married).  The parents were Catholic and Bohemian/Austrian German-speaking.  I have no idea where Emilie's parents were from.  In 1886 Emilie Hackel was married to Karl Richard Haenel from Annaberg in Sachsen in Germany.  Some time before then Emilie left the Catholic Church and became Protestant like my grandfather.  She had traveled to her favorite city Dresden and liked Saxony.  She also left Bohemia for good since her husband was from Saxony and wanted to try different office jobs in various towns in that province.  They moved around a lot.  They had five children, the youngest being my father Rudolf Richard Haenel, born 13 August 1900.  Emilie Hackel died August of 1941 in Chemnitz in Sachsen.  Her husband died early in life, in 1909 at age 57 in Crimmitschau in Sachsen and was buried there.  Emilie raised the five children alone and provided for them with a business in clothing and fabrics out of their apartment in Chemnitz (Rudi'sdamenwäsche {Rudi's lingerie} was part of this seamstress work).  Rudi married my mother Christa in 1928 the day after she joined him in New York city.  Emilie Hackel traveled back to Steinschönau at times to visit her sister Resi.


Here is an outline of my family.


1)   my father Rudolf Haenel was the 5th child of my grandmother Emilie Hackel, who was born 1862 in Meistersdorf, married to Carl Haenel in 1886 in Leipzig, GermanyEmilie died 1941 in Chemnitz, Germany.
Emilie Hackel had only one sister Theresia, a few years older, never married and lived later in Steinschoenau.  The mother of Emilie and Theresia Hackel was also named Theresia, namely Theresia Guertler Hackel.  She died in 1863, leaving Emile age one and older Theresia.  I wonder if the father remarried, if they moved to Steinschoenau.  That seems to be the end of ancestors born in Meistersdorf (except for maybe unknown cousins).


2) My greatgrandparents (Emile Hackel's parents) were Ignaz Hackel, 1826-1882 and Theresia Guertler, 1829-1863.  They were born in Meistersdorf, baptized Catholic in Wolfersdorf, married in Wolfersdorf and died in MeistersdorfIgnaz was a Glaskugler.  They married in 1857 in Wolfersdorf.  The "luzicke" website mentions that Meistersdorf did not yet have a Catholic parish church.
Ignaz was widowed 19 years before his death, and that's why I imagine he might have remarried or lived with a cousin or sibling.  I was told by my father that an ancestor died in a horse-and-buggy accident.


3) My g'g'grandparents were Franz Hackel, a Zimmermann, 1790-1844 and Elisabeth Marie Wenzel, 1790-1841. They married 1815 - born in Meistersdorf and baptized/married in Wolfersdorf.  The other side of g'g'grandparents =  Thomas Guertler, Schuhmachermeister, 1802-1865 and Magdalena Richter, 1809-?.  They married 1828.

4) The oldest generation back as the parents of Franz Hackel=Wenzel Hackel, also a Zimmermann, married 1790 to Maria Eisabeth Jackel or Jaeckel  (I noticed the name Jackel under the list of cotter houses in Steinschoenau on your website of  early history).  The parents of Elisabeth Marie Wenzel=Anton Wenzel ,married 1784 to Elisabeth Marie Wiedeall from Meistersdorf

5) The parents of Thomas Guertler=Anton Guertler, Glaskugler, married 1797 to Theresia Kaulfuss.  The parents of Magdalena Richter=Florian Richter, Lehrer, married 1806 to Theresia Mertinall from Meistersdorf