Bohemian Glass Treasures

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His list of books on Steinschönau Glass!

A brief Intro

Our ancestors knew of their legacy to art and style throughout Europe.  Steinschönau glass was some of the most beautiful be it blown, carved, made into chandeliers or remarkable vases, or into some gilded exquisite wonder.  One of the first glass handlers in the 1620’s in Steinschönau was Andreas Knechtel – son of Caspar Knechtel and the head of the branch of Erich & Udo Knechtel’s family. 


I am not going to recreate a “glass directory” here on this site – but thanks to the remarkable help of Leslie Megahey – a renowned collector – I have the following pictures to offer.  Leslie also noted that a few resources are available about Bohemian Glass – one is the two volume set by Collectible Bohemian Glass" by Robert and Deborah Truitt.  The first volume discusses the history of the glass houses with reprints of their advertisements.  In addition, there is the remarkable work of Mr. Antonín Langhamer titled Legends in Bohemian Glass.  A link is available at the “RESOURCES AND LINKS” page of this website or click on the title above and visit the publisher’s English site for this remarkable book.  Mr. Langhamer is a respected expert on Bohemian glass and was the former director of the Museum of Glass and Artificial Jewellery in Jablonec and Nisou.