Steinschönau Glass Books


Thanks to Leslie Megahey we have these reviews of some of the great books on Steinschönau and Bohemian Glass.  Thank you Leslie for lending us your expertise!





A new publication of special  interest to those tracing glassmaking family histories is now available: “Das Glas im Raum Haida und Steinschönau   ISBN 3-00-012917-0.    It is the work of eminent scholar Carolus Hartmann, who has produced the most detailed list with biographical details of painters, engravers and glass makers of this region; his painstaking research has also turned up many of their individual monograms and signatures, reproduced here.  The book is German language only, and can be obtained from a most helpful glass dealer in Germany Mr. Jan Kilian, contactable at   



Further reading and excellent illustrations can be found in: “Glaskunst der Moderne” by Torsten Brohan (Pub: Prestel) and “Das Bohmische Glas”, the magnificent catalogue of the Passauer Glass Museum in 7 volumes- see volume 4 for the early 20th century Jugendstil period and volume 6 for the Art Deco years, both with good sections on Steinschönau/ Kamenisky Senov.  These books are also German language only, and are available through book sites on the internet.  The famed Brohan collection of 20th century Secessionist and Bohemian glass is now the property of the Madrid museum of Applied Arts: it toured the USA during 2002/3.  The exhibition catalogue is a pleasing book in its own right, an abridged version of  the Brohan volume mentioned above, but with an English text.  It  may be found under the title “Glass of the Avant-Garde” (Brohan/ Eidelberg), also published by Prestel.     


Leslie also noted that a few resources are available about Bohemian Glass – one is the two volume set titled “Collectible Bohemian Glass" by Robert and Deborah Truitt.  The first volume discusses the history of the glass houses with reprints of their advertisements.  In addition, there is the remarkable work of Mr. Antonín Langhamer titled Legends in Bohemian Glass.  A link is available at the “RESOURCES AND LINKS” page of this website or click on the title above and visit the publisher’s English site for this remarkable book.  Mr. Langhamer is a respected expert on Bohemian glass and was the former director of the Museum of Glass and Artificial Jewellery in Jablonec and Nisou.