Researchers & Descendants:

Name of Researcher – ancestor – e-mail


[Ok, I did get asked about this list – it is in order of being contacted and asked to be included on the website – nothing more, nothing less!  J ]


1.                   Lon Strickler – Corp. Samuel Kindig, Co. G. – Lon Strickler

2.                 Marcia Duggins – Hubert C. and Henry Duvall, Co. H - Marcia Duggins

3.                 Andrea Leonardi –Andrew Schields McCall, Co. E; Austin McCall, Co. B; and George W. Coalmer, 84th PA, Co. K - Andrea Leonardi

4.                Edward McLaughlin – Sgt. Elgius Helfer, Co. K - Edward McClaughlin

5.                 Frank Schorr – 2nd Lt. John Vonmoos, Co E - Frank Schorr

6.                Rob Frederick – Corp. John Friederick -- Rob Frederick

7.                 Bret Coulson - Captain John Risser, and Lieutenants Joseph Meyer and Joseph Neumeyer.  Also the historian of the regiment, share with him your finds, ancestors and discoveries. -- Bret

8.                 Herman Steger – Capt. Heinrich Krausneck – information on the regiment from an immigrant who returned. Herman Steger

9.                Ted Harwood – Sergeant Isaiah Benjamin Hagenbuch, Co. A - Ted Harwood

10.            Raul Hernadez – 2nd Lt. Charles Helfrich, Company G – a native of Weisenberg Twnshp, Lehigh Co., PA. - e-mail address appears to no longer be valid (25 Nov 2003)

11.                Pat Burns – Corp. John Burns – Joined the 35th and mustered out in 1864.  Pat Burns

12.              ELLEN STAUDGINER WEAVER – Corporal Jacob Staudinger of Company F is her ggggrandfather, and ggggreat-uncle Peter Staudinger was the Sergeant for Company F.  Ellen Weaver

13.              MILTON IRWIN – Samuel Irwin, born 30 Jan 1838 in Pittsburgh, PA and died 8 Dec 1920 in Pittsburgh, PA.  Served in Company K from 9 Jul 1863 through 29 Aug 1865.  Milt

14.             JIM SEUBERT – F. Langenbacher, gg uncle.  Jim Seubert

15.              CINDY MANN-KANNY – Cpl John Frederick Zehnder, born in Canton Aargau, Switzerland.  He was discharged as a Corporal from the regiment.  GGGrandfather Cindy Mann-Kanny

16.             RICK SAYRE – Cpl William Norkan of Company H.  Rick Sayre

17.              BOB COOPER – GGGrandfather Charles Frederick Langhorst born in Prussia in 1825 and resided in Butler County.  Bob Cooper.

18.              Linda Profaizer – Ernest Leister, her great grandfather, served with the regiment.  Linda Profaizer.

19.             Chuck Abbott – Researching his great-great grandfather, Pvt August Schmitz of Company K.  Chuck Abbott

20.          Susan Herbstritt – Researching Sgt. Charles Herbstritt, not Herbstreet as on the Pennsylvania Memorial at Gettysburg, died at Gettysburg of wounds received during the fighting that day.  Susan Herbstritt

21.              David Emerick – Researching both Pvt George Schramm of Company K and the Pioneer Corps to which he was detached.  David Emerick

22.            Hanno von Freyhold – Researching the family von Freyhold and looking for descendants of Lt. Col. Von Freyhold.  Hanno v. Freyhold

23.            Bonnie Stryele – Researching Gottlieb Koegler, Co. K.  Bonnie Streyle

24.           Verna Weiss – Researching Pvt. William Hein, Company I.  Wounded at Freeman’s Ford.  Verna Weiss

25.             Donna Siebert – Researching Pvt. Matthew Siebert (also spelled Subert) who died on 7 Jun 1862.  Donna Siebert

26.           Andre Manitius – Interested in proving if a linkage exists between himself and Pvt. Charles Manitius whose travel pass is posted here in.  Charles was a bookseller prior to the war.  Andre Manitius

27.              Jim Wintrode - I am related to Edward C Wintrode, Pvt. With Company G of the 2nd regiment, through Johan Jacob Wenderoth, son of Caspar and Margaretha Wenderoth.  Jim Wintrode

28.             Steve Ellingson – Is also a descendant of Edward C. Wintrode, Pvt Co. G.  Steve Ellingson.

29.             Edward Schneider – Researching Private John Rathgeber, Private in Company E from 6 Sept 1861 until his discharge at Fort McHenry on 10 November 1862.  Edward Schneider

30.            Kirk Rosenbaum – Researching William Wisner – enlisted in the 74th in 1864 and served until the end of the war.  Kirk Rosenbaum

31.               ANDY RICKLEMAN – Researching George M. But(t)baugh, Private in Company F.  Andy Rickleman.

32.             DANIEL LEVIN – Researching Sgt. Bernard Pichel of Company G.  Daniel Levin

33.             MICHAEL GRAY – Researching David Zumbrun, Private in Company G who died in the Brigade Hospital in Clarksburg, WV.  Michael Gray

1.                   Edward Lay – Researching the family of Corporal Jacob Fetter.  Prof. Edward Lay.

2.                  Paul Scheffer – Researching his great uncle, Lt. Joseph Scheffer of Company F.  Paul Scheffer

3.                  Mike Heim – Researching Philip Laible and family.  Pvt. Laible was killed at the Battle of Cross Keys on the 8th of June 1862.  Mike Heim

4.                 Nancy Silver – Researching 1st Lt. Aaron Gift originally of the 30th Regiment Pennsylvania Militia and later of the 74th PA.  Nancy Silver

5.                  Gary Schluttenhofer – Researching Pvt. Francis Xavier Schluttenhofer of Company D.  Has website for the family as well.  Gary Schluttenhofer.

6.                 ANN McGLASHEN – Philip Manbeck, not Manbeek as listed in Bates, Private in Company D of the second regiment.  Ann McGlashen

7.                  BONNIE MALMAT – Researching Max Heim, Private of Company F.  Bonnie Malmat.

8.                  JOHN REITTER – Researching Anton Sontag, Private of Company H.  John Reitter

9.                 MARY ANN GOULD – Researching Sebastian Scheidt, Private of Company A.  Mary Ann Gould

10.              MINDY ECKLER – Looking for information on Corporal John Roth of Company B.  Mindy Eckler

11.                 DENVER GALLENTINE – Researching Pvt. Thomas Jefferson Gallentine of Company I.  Denver Gallentine.

12.               DAVID TAYLOR – Researching Sgt. Maj. John G. Priegel of Company A.  David Taylor

13.               CAROL MARCONI – Researching two 74th ancestors Private William Woter and Private Braden Ziegler.  Carol Marconi

14.               PAM HILL – Researching David Albert Ritchie, Corporal in Company B.  Pam Hill

15.               BERT SOBERS – Researching Nicholas Sotter/Satter, Sergeant with Company G.  Bert Sobers.

16.               DAVID HELFRICH – Researching 2nd Lt. Charles Helfrich of Company G.  David Helfrich.

17.                BOB HARRINGTON – Researching Pvt. John T. Brower of Company C.  Bob Harrington

18.               JANE NOWICKI – Researching Charles Stowater of Company E.  Jane Nowicki. 

19.               TOM GARVEY – Researching Pvt. Joseph Walters/Walter – later transferred to the 107th PA Vol. At the end of the War.  He would later serve at the Allegheny Arsenal.  Tom Garvey

20.            Deitrich Parsons – Researching Pvt. Heinrich (Henry) Frederick Duvall of Company H.  Has more information and is willing to share it with others.  Dietrich Parsons.

21.               CINDY THOMAS – Researching Pvt. William Goettken, whose real name was Otto Godkin von Galen, a member of Company E.  Cindy Thomas.

22.             JASON WALTON – Researching his ancestor Pvt. Arthur Oliver from the new Company A.  Jason Walton

23.             MICHELLE BUCK – Researching her ancestor Pvt. Andreas Bock from Company I.  Michelle Buck

24.             Brian Walker – Researching his ancestor Pvt. Frederick Walker.  Brian K. Walker

25.             Edward Hines – Researching his ancestor Cpl. Anton Dost.  Edward Hines

26.             BOB CLOSSON – Researching his ancestor Pvt. Fredrick Schilling of Company D.  Bob Closson

27.              KATY WECH – Researching her ancestor Pvt. Jacob Stuck of Company D.  Katy Wech

28.             CHAMP ZUMBRUN – Researching his ancestor Drummer Alois Schaaf.  Champ Zumbrun

29.             BARB – Researching her ancestor Cpl. John Lindner, Co. I and Co. G.  Barb

30.            Andy Rickleman – Researching his ancestor Pvt. George Butterbaugh of Co. F.  Andy Rickleman

31.               Suzanne Snook – Researching the following family members from Co. D:  Amos L. Hackenberry, Isaac Swanger, Levi Swanger, Phillip Manbeck, Leon Manbeck.  In addition, she has the diary and letters of Amos Hackenberry that she is willing to share with fellow researchers.  Suzanne Snook

32.             Bryon Gilson – He and his father are researching their ancestor Louis Roll who enlisted in 1862 and served with the regiment for three years.  Bryon Gilson.

33.             BILL NIST – Researching his ancestor Cpl. Joseph Nist of Company H who was wounded at Gettysburg’s night fight on the 2nd of July.  Bill Nist.

34.             LAURA BERAUT – Seeking information on her ancestor Cpl. Martin Krapp of Company I who was captured at Gettysburg.  Laura Beraut.

35.             MELINDA LOUNSBURY – Is seeking information on her husband’s ancestor Pvt. Bartholomus Stander of Company G.  Melina Lounsbury.

36.             KATHY BAUMGARTEN – Is seeking information on Private Bernhard/Berhard Schad.  Kathy Baumgarten.

37.              KARL VOGELEY – Is seeking information on his ancestor Cpl. Thomas Vogeley of Co. K.  Karl Vogeley

38.             MATTHEW DANZ – Is seeking information on his ancestor Frederick Charles Danz.  Matthew Danz.

39.             CHRIS CARROLL – is seeing information on Captain Jacob Anderwerth.  Chris Carroll

40.            DEBBIE MOORS – is seeking information on her ancestor Corporal Phillip Good/Gut of Company G.  Debbie Moors

41.               RICHARD ENGEL – is seeking information on his ancestor Pvt. William Lang of Company G.  Richard Engel

42.             BARBARA MASTELLER – is seeking information her three ancestors that served in the 74th:  Jackson McMillen, Jacob Sink, and Good.  Barbara Masteller

43.             DOUGLAS PRASKOVICH – is seeking information on his ancestor Captain Jacob Anderwerth.  Douglas Praskovich

44.            DAVID BRAUN – is seeking information on his ancestor Captain Arnold Meckelburg.  David Braun

45.             FRANK O’CONNOR – is seeking information on his ancestor Pvt. Sebastian Scheidt.  Frank O’Connor

46.            DAVID CASEY – is seeking information on his ancestors Lt. Joseph Newmeyer and Capt. John Rissler.  David Casey

47.             TOM PRUNER – is seeking information on his ancestor Pvt. Adam Shields of Company B.  Tom Pruner