Favorite Links


74th Specific Links


  Negligence on the Right - Donald Pfanz  - An excellent essay about the failures of Hooker and the survival of the 11th Corps at Chancellorsville.  Donald Pfanz is a well known historian and the essay is an excellent read.

  Philadelphia in the Civil War - online version – this is an online version of a classic text on Philadelphia’s contribution the Union.  The link is to rootsweb’s a specific document in Rootsweb on-line inventory.  The 74th information is about 2/3rds of the way into the document.

  Gettysburg Discussion Group – A great site for information on Gettysburg and worth spending some time at if you have a lot of time to spare! 

  Hartwig's 11th Army Corps Article – This article has become the “accepted standard” of the events that befell the 11th Corps while at Gettysburg.  However, there are some significant issues that our Unit Historian has found in his research with the original source material.  Those will be shared with folks here on this site as Bret makes the information available.

  German Genealogy help This will bounce you to my page at my wife’s website for her store – sorry about that but it was the easiest way to do this – and there are a group of helpful items for the German Genealogist.  Click on the “ABOUT US” link on the left, then go to Rod, then you will be on a page with various genealogy links.


Other Regimental Links

  7th Pennsylvania Cavalry  Without a doubt one of the best regimental pages on the web for any Civil War descendant to put together.  Rob Frederick, one of the descendants of the 74th, is the webmaster of this page.  If you want to learn about the 7th PA Cavalry, or just take a moment to browse on a really cool page, check this one out.

  205th Pennsylvania Volunteers.  This is a site dedicated to the 205th put together by Jim Wintrode.  A great seat and worth taking a look at!

  Infantry Regimental site award recipients.  This is worth a visit if you are trying to find specific sites that have a high level of content directed at an individual regiment – Union or Confederate.  This site is one of many that have been given this award. 


National Civil War MemorialWorthy of a separate category all its own.  This monument – which will feature work by Gary Casteel – will also be a monument that you can participate in as well.  Be sure to visit the site often in that it is still under construction.


Civil War Maps On-Line – As a result of a partnership with the Library of Congress, Virginia Historical Society, and the Library of Virginia, thousands of maps are now available on-line.  Truly a great digital offering to Civil War researchers.


General Links

  National Archives Service/Pension Record site.  Use this link to visit the National Archives’ page on ordering the service records and pension records of civil war soldiers.  The required form is available through this site.

  PENNSYLVANIA GERMANS AND THE CIVIL WAR: ETHNICITY AND ANTI-AMERICANIZATION – A web paper on the role Germans played in the Civil War published by the Center for US Studies at the Martin Luther University in Halle-Wittenberg, Germany.  Good information

  U.S. Civil War Center -- Index of Civil War Information available on the Internet  The motherload of all Civil War Research Sites – if you have not been to this site yet, you need to make it a weekend project – truly set aside a weekend.

  Roots Web's Civil War Site  - Another great research site that gives you information as to who is researching what issues, regiments, individuals, etc.

  Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War  If you descend from one of the members of this regiment, you qualify for membership in this organization or one of our allied orders for the ladies.  This page will get you to either. 

  Gov. Isaac Stevens Camp No. 1 Homepage  This is a plug for the Camp that Rod belongs to and has served as Camp Commander for some time.  A great page put together by a member of the Camp.

  Veterans Association Homepage  This is the site for information related to veterans, veterans organizations, and services.  A great page that deserves some exploring if you served your country or know someone who has.

  U.S. Veterans Administration  Another site worth bookmarking so you can learn the latest about veteran benefits and opportunities.  While not the jazziest site on the net, that is the result of being a government site, you cannot ask for a more detailed site.  The VA has done a wonderful job.

  Andersonville Prisoner Index..  This is a very well done site regarding the infamous Andersonville Prison by Kevin Frye.  The site includes historical information and also a remarkable the remarkable assistance of the author in searching the list of Andersonville prisoners he has on CD. 

  History of Libby Prison.  This is a reprint of Official Publication #12, Richmond Civil War Centennial Committee, 1961- 1965, no copyright claimed, but the original was compiled by R. W. Wiatt, Jr.


Want to Visit Forks, Washington?  Here are a few sites that can help you do that

This webpage is based in Forks, Washington.  We own a bookstore there and in time, after completing this test effort, a webpage will fill you in on that endeavor.    Here’s some sites that can help you prepare a visit.  If you are coming, let us know and we can fill you in on the weather.

  Tinkers Tales & Antiques  A little credit to the sponsor of the 74th’s webpage, my wife’s bookstore in Forks.  If you are interested in antiques, new and used books, a great cup of coffee or some remarkable artwork – visit us on-line or in person. 

  The Errant Elk and Tinkers Tales & Antiques  This is a page that Ed of Manitou Lodge put together on his wife’s new venture, the Errant Elk and also included a bit on Cheri’s venture, Tinkers Tales & Antiques.  Both should be visited if you are visiting the store.

  Art Trek  This is a great set of links to the artists in our community.  The map is interactive and takes you to brief sketches of each of the 23 businesses associated with this program.

  Forks Chamber of Commerce  Diane and company can help you plan your visit, find a great place to eat, or just about answer any question you have regarding Forks.

  City of Forks Homepage  This is the official home page for the City of Forks – as in the government.   See where Rod works in other words.

  Bear Creek Homstead Bed and Breakfast, Forks Washington  Run by our friends the Baysingers – located a few miles out of town and in a quiet valley.

  Huckleberry Lodge  A wonderful lodge here in Forks run by our friends the Sperrys.  If you want to arrange a once in a lifetime fishing trip – they can see to that as well.

  Manitou Lodge  This is a treasure hidden out of Forks and near the beaches, but not on the beach.  Ed and Lynn will treat you more than right and be sure to visit their store the Errant Elk while in Forks.

  The Miller Tree Inn  Rod spent his first few months in Forks at this location.  A wonderful farm house that Bill and Sue make you feel right at home in from the first minute you walk into the door.  See the picture below for holiday lights.

  Shady Nook Cottage  This is a wonderful cottage that Deenie has available for visitors for our region.  You will absolutely love the Victorian touches that Deenie has incorporated into her place.


Miller Tree Inn at night all decked out for the holidays!