History of the Regiment

Bret Coulson

Bret Coulson is currently working on a detailed history of the regiment that will be published sometime in 2005.This is a needed body of research since the 74th played an important role in the 11th Corps.Click onto each of the following links for more information.All copyrights remain with Bret Coulson who has kindly lent the material to this page.Contact him at Bret Coulson for the bibliography and footnotes associated with each of these entries.


1.      Origins of the regiment

2.    Ethnic origins of the officer corps


4.    Recruitment for the regiment

5.    The Purge of Officers following the Battle of Freeman's Ford

6.   Charleston and the Island Engagements




The Union Army's Regimental History


Philadelphia In The Civil War



An account of 1st Lt. Louis Fischer of the 11th Corpsí actions at Gettysburg on the first day of battle there.This was published in the National Tribune on the 12th of December 1869.Worth the read!