Ethnic Origins of the Officers of the 74th


Of the 32 officers in the regiment in the fall of 1863, 30 were ethnic Germans born in Europe (25 from Germany, 4 from Switzerland, and 1 from Alsace) and 2 were Americans of German descent born in Pittsburgh.


Of those born in Germany:

      7 were from Prussia

      5 from Hesse-Darmstadt

      3 from Baden

      3 from Hanover

      2 from Bavaria

      1 from Hamburg

      1 from Holstein

      1 from Lippe-Detmold

      1 from Reuss

      1 from Saxony.


One of the Bavarians was Heinrich Krauseneck, grandson of General Wilhelm von Krauseneck, Chief of the Prussian Great General Staff from 1830-1848.