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The CUE Manual has not changed since its last printing in April, 1990, so if you already own the printed version, you do not need to download the PDF version.

PLEASE NOTE: You MUST use version 5.5 or later of Stuffit Delux or Stuffit Expander to open the CUE archive. Earlier versions of Stuffit will NOT work.

CUE 3.09 (Posted 2/18/2001) fixes a bug which didn't allow you to set the number of warning clicks higher than 9.

CUE 3.08 (Posted 8/27/2000) fixes a bug in the Set Tempo Dialog which didn't allow you to set 1 as the starting click. This update is recommended for all users of version 3.07. If you have already purchased CUE 3.07, this update is free of charge. For all other users, it must be purchased according to the shareware terms. A copy of the shareware terms is included in the download.

File Size Comments
Download CUE 3.09-
Application, Read Me files, support files,
and sample documents
456K Stuffit archive-
Requires Stuffit Expander™ 5.5
or Stuffit Delux 5.5 to open.
Download the CUE Manual 1.2M PDF File-
Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader™
to read.

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