Music notation software - a LONG summary
Nightingale music notation software

Music notation software - a LONG summary

Now that there don't seem to be any more responses trickling in to my question about music notation software, here is a summary of what I've learned. For each program, I list the web page of the company and comments that others have made of the program. These comments are condensed (or you will be reading a *lot*) and list their author (I hope no one wanted to be anonymous!). I hope I have all the authors correct and that I haven't seriously twisted words around! At the end, I have a few other comments from contributors that I thought were appropriate. After wading through all that was sent, my recommendation is to download versions that seem appropriate for what you want to do and try them out. Nearly all have a version that can be downloaded. This isn't a cop-out, this is one place especially where YMMV!

Programs mentioned by people on the list.

Other programs found through surfing (no one on the list claims to have used it) Other notes from contributors:

I thank all those that responded. I've certainly learned from this and hope you do too.

Written by:

Paul Kinney
Composer in Residence
Detroit Handbell Ensemble

Original was not saved in the archives and is lost.

Nightingale music notation software

And Sarah Prince writes:

... at last, [I had] an excuse (on short notice of course) to buy notation software!

I hadn't been able to make much happen with the Finale demo I downloaded a while ago (always sounds like a good idea to be prepared for cross-platform sharing) so I tried a Mac-only program called Nightingale, which was mentioned specifically for handbell music by someone on this list or in web material I found via links from "here." I was impressed by the demo, with which I was able to start doing what I wanted in short order (not save it, alas, or even print it without the Sonata font, but note entry was surprisingly easy).

So I bought it (around $200), and have had pretty good results, astonishing the director et al. Sometimes I can't quite make it do what I want, probably due to my limited understanding thus far, but its EPSF exported files parse fine into Adobe Illustrator where I can tweak mere position of objects to my heart's content.

Written by:

S. S. Prince
8 Dec 1998

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