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Dr. Esther F. Conway - PsychologistMorning Stillness Painting by Esther Conway

As a developmental psychologist, I focus on lifetime transitions and the opportunities presented for positive growth with each challenge. My treatment approach is to help clients deal with current blocks to progress and identify any unresolved interferences from the past or present. With over 40 years of experience in private practice, I can help clients resolve a wide range of emotional issues.

My approach combines the strategies of many relational and developmental therapies with the depth of Jungian theory. Then I work together with the clients to decide which of these strategies best fit the situation to produce positive results.

Experience and Training:

• Ph.D. in psychology in 1972 from the University of Denver.

• Certification as clinical hypnosis consultant.

• More than 1500 hours of training in psychodrama, including group dynamics.

• Teaching undergraduate and graduate psychology classes: couples counseling, women’s studies, introductory psychology, psychology in business.

• Advanced study at C.G. Jung Center in Denver.

• Research at National Center for Child Abuse, Denver, CO.

• Certified in Myers-Briggs and Enneagram.

• Conducted many psychological workshops focusing on: LifetimeTransitions, Myers-Briggs, Psychodrama with dreams, Hypnosis, Assertiveness Training, Enneagram, Writing, and Art.