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Esther F Conway, Ph.D., Licensed Psychologist Helping Individuals, Couples, and Families Toward a Better Life

In my 40 years as a psychologist my goal has been to provide the safeEsther Conwayh Psychologist
nurturing environment that makes therapy productive. My theoretical background is Jungian and developmental, and I specialize in life transitions, couples counseling, and relationship issues of all kinds.

I help those who are overwhelmed to see positive directions and possibilities, and those who are discouraged to find a way out. Together we set goals,
and I make suggestions or give homework as we find the best strategy to address the issue(s).

I have never forgotten my first experience seeking help from a therapist, wondering what it would be like, and if it could really help. I appreciated the insight and understanding I received, and throughout my life I have found many kinds of therapy to be helpful to me and to my clients.

I also teach classes that embody a safe, nurturing and productive environment
on the following subjects:

  • Your Life As Story
  • Enhancing Relationships with Myers-Briggs
  • Navigating Life Changes
  • Relationships in Conflict
  • Dreams in Action
  • Jungian Approach—Art and Dreams

These classes are gateways to self-exploration, increased creativity, and life enrichment. Visit my Classes page for descriptions of latest offerings.