CCSOSAR       "Serving the Citizens of Clallam County "

Clallam County Sheriff's Office Search and Rescue

Clallam County in Washington State is comprised of over 180 miles of shoreline, a multitude of lakes and rivers, and thousands of miles of wilderness area. The opportunity for outdoor activity is bountiful as is the opportunity for outdoor emergencies.

Search and Rescue for lost, overdue, or imperiled persons requires an emergency response. The rapid deployment of skilled personnel at any time of the day or night, in fair, foul, or extreme weather is the task of Clallam County Sheriff’s Search and Rescue (SAR). When incidents occur, every effort is made to bring together all the critical elements of the search and rescue mission rapidly, effectively, and safely.

With some of the most dense and unique forests in the country, navigation can be a challenge for anyone not prepared for ever-changing weather conditions. Year-round users of this area include hunters, hikers, backpackers, mushroom pickers, cross-country snow skiers, and snowshoers. With the inviting coastline of sandy beaches, islands, rock, cliffs, and caves, many people are caught by rising tides and changes in the weather.

Clallam County Sheriff’s Search and Rescue has the equipment and trained personnel to effectively perform rescues in these environments.

Clallam County Sheriff’s Search and Rescue operates under the Patrol division of Clallam County Sheriff's Department.

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