A friend sent me this. Much appreciated. Do scroll down for the wedding picture and a few of my own comments about searching for that married bliss!

I cannot understand what he sees in her!

I too was looking for that life long partner to enter the world of married bliss.  

But some people simply made a point of flaunting their Mariology. Worse yet some women can be
downright aggressive when it comes to landing their men and the outcome usually ends in divorce.

Speaking of sports fishing for love also involves taking what you catch.  I too want to wrap my arms around
some real flesh. Sadly I had to resort to personals. Russia, Bellyruss and finally to Molvania where I was born.

Growing up the sixties I was searching for the all natural gal. Ms. Harriet Pitts met all those criteria and I hope that I tripped her trigger. So far, she has been choosy if not downright picky in who she dates. Not 
Not every Tom, Dick or Harry will do. You will note that I have not posted her picture as I do tend to be a bit possessive.

In some cultures "personals" can be very different.  Ex. "Single Muslim Male seeks devout non-inflatable woman, boy or sheep."

In the meantime I will just take home what I can carry. Personals in Molvania are carried by donkey express and the time lapse is considerable. Harriet will still need mother's approval mind you, but if not given I will move out. Thank God for Social Security.
Harriet and I will have that child someday and I hope he will have those darling Molvanian eyes.

More on Molvania - "a land untouched by modern dentistry." A must have tourist book.                                                                                                                                                                          


From a friend in Sequim I got this warning. "
the bride is a very daring young lady. . .  I must but wonder. . . .  how does she hold the up and keep them covered??? Double back sticky tape or what? "wonder brand."
I think not.
This is envy speaking, nothing less. I remember quite well three young ladies with endowments like these who used no support whatsoever. Sadly, I never took advantage of those opportunities.

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