Three different dreams on Re-incarnation

I had died, and was being transported to heaven in the belly of an airplane. No luggage, no snacks, nor much conversation as I recall either.

This would one of my better dreams!
There was no St. Peter's gate, no immigration forms to fill out,  just a super long baggage gate, staffed by serious Benedictine Nuns. They all had tables and they were headlined by ones last name.  Even in college I hated that. The "S" lines were always long and the "X" and "Y's" had a free ride.

Resenting this mightily, I took my turn in the appropriate line . Turned out we all had to be interviewed, and fill out long application forms (what had we done right, who had we wronged, what did you regret and you get the idea.   DSHS and Homeland Security - were there too).
 I must have done something wrong, because I was on a return flight the very same day.

It was a non-return flight, I might add.

My other dream of re-incarnation was this. I was this ether like form (taking up little room) hung up on a door hanger. I told Jim like on a meat hook. Sometimes I embellish my dreams. I was in a long cabinet with many others and we were all waiting for something.

A new body! Slaver and drool, this was my chance. Like bees to honey we left and came back to earth. The fastest flier won entry and the rest of us returned. There are only so many chances in re-birth. I would return to my meat hook.

Now that dream, must have remained dinging in my sleepy mind because I began asking the WHY, WHAT and IF questions and  wondered how a population of 4 billion could exist if it only started out with two souls. Adam and Eve. Many theologians would argue that there were a few other souls about, nonetheless there weren't that many to start off with. Where did the rest come from?

There are only a few reasonable answers. Most of us don't really exist or the fact that we may have been duplicated, God using a photocopier.
 I sometimes cheat, so if I am made in God's image. He might have taken a shortcut or two as well or used the wrong ink cartridge.

My ex-wife and children related to me after they had left that they had run into someone in Santa Cruz CA. (my home town) that was freakingly like me. A bald head, same look, body type - the whole thing. Worse yet, he was a gardener.

I like to think that he was a bad copy of me, but one never knows.

In my own life, I have only met two totally mind blowing spiritual souls. One was a person who practiced Fire Yoga and incorporated yoga into his school for autistic children. I had worked in that field for a while, as well as at Agnew State Mental hospital. More on that later. On that summer Felton day, there were two of us who knocked on his door. When we entered, I felt as if I was walking through a room of gold warm liquid honey. I felt like a fly caught in slow congealing amber. My friend John was so upset, he left. Later, I came to help this professor and today often wonder at what happened to his school and his kids.

My other "superior being" experience was being my Aikido teacher at U.C.S.C. I was a strong and audacious buck at that time and thought I could do anything. Not! He was also my Religious Studies professor and between him and Paul Lee I got a quarter of Independent Studies. Off to Boston I went and on to further adventures.

Back to him. I simply did not have what it took. He invited any of us to tackle him, I accepted, foolish grasshopper that I was. I literally bounced back from his standing form. My girlfriend also joined that class. She was into modern dance, and was so articulated that she could bend her fingers back to her wrist. Whenever she did that, it was a sure stop to any argument. Worse yet she could beat the heck out of me.

Since then I have met few such souls. Most of us are just middle of the run photocopies, the rest are copies like me, most likely to be found miss-filed and under the desk or lost in the garden until we are vacuumed up, or leaf blown away. YIKES

I had forgotten how much I enjoyed some of my talk back blogs!

"Re-incarnation - much is assumed - little known about it..."

This is a late night whimsy response of mine. I am thinking of my future re-incarnation. The blog began with:-

Accepting for fun an alternative religious belief. If you are re-incarnated, would you come back as a man or a woman? State your present gender please and reason for change... Reasons why.

Failing coming back in that human or chosen gender status, which other animal (also God's creatures) would you like to come back as and why?  Or as one member suggested I re-word the question to be, "what animals we would be in respect of our personality." The same applies to the next question.

Failing that we are left the plant world. Am I to be an Oak, a Eucalypti, or a Willow? Or am I doomed to be a sub-shrub? A Mahonia perhaps or God forbid as a Hellebore. I am still trying to remember what I chose, and or to the why.

Please note that I have left out insects. I doubt any indiscretions in our present lives would punish us down to the dung beetle stage.

You re-awaken as a -

FINALLY, I got back to my original post and a green burial reference that I had forgotten to include...

"I want to be returned to the earth, and would wish to become a (albeit small) pile of nutritious compost! Failing this, I would love to be an oak, as in the UK this tree supports the most varieties and numbers of wildlife. OK, just plant me under an oak tree, and be done with it!"

I really liked that idea. I forget what famous Scottish biologist or beloved plants man was buried and then some tree was planted  above. Personally I would like it to be a Redwood or Sequoia. Then I know my bones would have some long lasting and restful peace. 

I respond...

My own wishes might come back to bite me. Being bald, I really would like to be re-pelted. Not just with a toupee, but all over. Chinchilla fur would be wonderful and like the Selkie I could shed water and retain body heat. This is a serious issue in the Pacific Northwet. 
Now back to the dog, or cat. One element would be the tail. Getting a second language, signing with a tail would be wonderful.
Now if God, were to redesign the package I am in, I would be fine with luxurious fur and a tail. Getting into ones pants might take a bit longer, but the advantages would be worth it. Flirting with a tail would be fun. Of course everyone else would have to come back that way as well. One wouldn't want to stand out.

As for soaring birds, eagles and such. Have you ever seen a bird molt? Having feathers never did tempt me.
I do remember having a dream in which I was a parent frog trying to get its child to swim. I hope that isn't a sign from the Almighty of what is in store for me. Again a water element. A sea seal or Selkie! Just think of all the abalone I could eat.

I still had not gotten many good tree suggestions.

The compost idea did intrigue me. Jim, was an avid supporter of wildlife re-habitation, esp. fish habitat. He once suggested his preferred burial would be to be put into a construction of penetrable concrete and be tossed into the ocean. The fish would have food and the openings would provide for habitat. Ain't going to happen Jim. Not allowed.
He now resides in the storage room with the paint cans.


I had many responses. Most did not believe in re-incarnation and I got many suggestions to read the Bible and Revelations in particular. A lighter one was: "I am sure that you have wrote this blog in the best of jest Skyline, but don't forget it is our Heavenly Father that you are offending, but having said that, he is not without a sense of humor, after all he did create the duck billed platypus, lol and i am sure that you will be forgiven."

One lady did post this response.  "Why have you left out Insects.? I haven't seen many butterflies this year and I haven't seen a ladybird for several years. I think I'd come back as a Ladybird.- But a male one"

One person contacted me privately and for the same reasons posted did not volunteer a choice, but  it had to do with being an albatross and the ability to soar. I told her that I too, always preferred the water and wouldn't mind returning as an otter.

However, in the U.K. or in Tasmania there is something allowed called "Green burial." One's body is not filled with ----, but simply buried in a cardboard coffin. A tree is then planted above. Simple as that, and this option  should be allowed. That should be the caption or edit of this blog! What tree would represent you, if you were buried beneath one?

As the poster, I should at least have answered my own question 'On  coming back as a man or woman.'

Male -- I would go with the other gender, since I like them so much. Do I get to choose to be a Phylicia Rashad or a Jaclyn Smith - I suspect the Creator would return me as a Phylis Dyler or a Roseanne Barr. 

Animal -- the Sea Otter or as a Selkie. I would be so unhappy to come back as a badger or a mouse.

Plant -- I am still pondering but am leaning to Garry Oak.

I picked some beautiful woman, not even Halie Barrie.  Now I would make it a Korean woman. Tough suckers.
I think the karmic review board would give me a double bonus, for choosing the other gender and then for a different race. My ascension may have been stunted because I always came back as a white male. I figure it this way; I only have two more to go. That future one, and then as a black person

At that point I might have some hope of finally high hurdling those Pearly Gates.

(c) Herb Senft in the year 2009. who strangely enough is a fire sign and still wishes that Jim's wife would finally give his ashes a planting.  (2013)

Please contact me if you would add your thoughts.