The Proper Use of Bugs
and a true McCricket story from Molvania

 Locusts in Israel - are they Kosher?

UN urges: Eat more insects!  

They're back: 17-year cicadas to swarm from Georgia to New York


The Most Scrumptious Cicadas ever.The bug hunt begins when the young cicadas, known as nymphs, burrow up from underground. The best time to collect cicadas is during the evening hours when the nymphs are climbing tree trunks. After emerging they will nest on the sides of trees, in shrubbery or even on the sides of the house.

These young cicada nymphs are most delicious according to sellers of such insect snacks such as SmallStock Food Strategies, a supplier of insect-based foods. Immediately after emergence, and before  the cicadas' shells haven't hardened. The pale greenish-white insects are as soft as crab meat and have a taste similar to asparagus.  
Young cicada nymphs are the most delicious, according to  the owner.  More on insect-food can be found at this link.

In Europe, Dutch scientists doing groundbreaking research into insects replacing animal meat as a healthier, more environmentally friendly source of protein. 

"There will come a day when a Big Mac costs 120 euros ($163) and a Bug Mac 12 euros, when more people will eat insects than other meat," head researcher Arnold van Huis told a disbelieving audience at Wageningen University in the central Netherlands   

The best way to start is to try in once. At the University lunch counter there is a sprint for the snack table for a spread of Thai marinated grasshopper spring rolls, buffalo worm chocolate gnache and insect pastries, just like a quiche but made up of meal worms instead of bacon or ham. Heck I was doing that decades ago  Follow down to my written and rejected suggestion to McDonalds.  (McCrickits)  As ahead of the time I was over 500 types of  insects are eaten in Mexico, Africa, China and Asia where they are viewed as a delicacy.


At the University of Maryland 'Cicadamaniacs' has been created,
 featuring copies for everything from cic-delicious pizza to cicada stir fry
Banana bread made with you know what - Cicada.

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