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Famous Helenas
I'm looking for famous Helenas to list here. It is currently my understanding that another (older) body found in the same cave as Cheddar Man was a Helena, but I would like to confirm if he was Helena CRS or if he had any mutations. Also, was he/she given a name by scientists??
If you know of any famous people who are known to be of the Helena CRS mtDNA group, please let me know so that I may list them here. Thanks!
Marie Antoinette was "Helena CRS" (based on the 400-marker test). According to these articles by Jehaes et al, European Journal of Human Genetics, vol6 pp383-395 (1998) and vol9, pp185-190, (2001), the extended sequence is: HVR1 T16519C; HVR2 T152C, C194T, A263G and N315.1C. Her female ancestry can be traced back to Bertha von Putelendorf, d 1190.

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