Trim work details!

How to add that special detail to any room.


Utilizing a lot of special trim details has added character and texture to the inside of the house.  The objective in the living room, hall and dining room was to create a more formal appearance using various details trim.  All of the trim is manufactured material of a high-density wood fiber.  It comes primed for paint and is very easy to work with provided it is pre-drilled.


Here are a few examples of the trim:



The trim is wrapped around the corners (yes, Rod actually did that on all of the doors) and used at the top of each entrance, hall closet and the front window.  It is a style no longer being made by the company, that is 3 ¾” x 1 ¼” at the widest spot.  Fluted trim then run up the entrance from plain plinth blocks.  You can see we still have some touch up in the picture on the right.



This is the trim for inside the dining room.  It measures 5” x 5/8” and differs from the simpler trim used elsewhere in the house.  The color was a true “failure” so it will be repainted prior to or when put in place.




This is the crown molding for the dining room.  Again the paint did not work as we thought it would, so it will be repainted, probably in place.