The 530 Collins House Project


Join the Flecks and our crew as we attempt to repair and upgrade a traditional 1970s ranch suburban standard home in one of the wettest places in the Continental United States.


The house when it was first purchased.


Changes have been made to the inside of the house already.  A pony wall was built entering the dining room, new doors were hung, trim work has been on going, and there is enough new paint on the walls to probably hold the entire house together if for some reason the nails were to suddenly fail. 


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Fortunately for the Flecks, they will be having a bit of help on this project.  Here is most of the crew:



Anastasia and her grandfather, Gordon Fleck  -  Cheri and Anastasia with Laurel Fleck

The projects associated with Phase I are as follows:

*   Remove and replace the existing front door with something that is already painted;

*   Finish the dining room – to include:  (a) finishing the Paladin window that was a new addition (new sheet rock, mud, tape, prime); (b) crown molding; (c) new flooring – if it arrives in time; (d) baseboard molding; and (d) entrance trim.

*   Outside trim around Paladin window;

*   Interior trim – hall and living room, as well as some minor trim work in the some-day-ti-really-will-be-a-library-room

Current Projects

*  I think this enough for right now, don’t you?


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