That’s not all folks!


Nope, that is not all.  There are a bunch of little projects that are needing to be done as well if time permits and the crew is not thoroughly at their wits end by the time they get the other projects done.  These include:


*  Hanging a set of double bi-folds in the closet;

*  Cutting trim for above a picture window, the new door, and a few other places;

*  Installing the baseboard in the hall and living room – probably unpainted, and then painting it if time allows;

*  Trim out an exterior window – but it is pretty simple compared to everything else – especially when it is going to be painted.


NOW THAT DOES NOT CONCLUDE THE WORK LIST BY ANY STRETCH OF THE IMAGINATION – BUT THAT WILL PROBABLY DO THE CREW IN.  This is a prediction of their reaction when they see the project list: