The Dining Room

Achieving formality amidst an “open floor plan”


Here is what we were first confronted with the “pre-phase construction.”



Please note that those French doors were interior grade doors and that they are on a south facing wall in a place that receives/endures over 140” of rain a year.  Add to that, the installation was done over an alive electrical wire that was being exposed to rain water wicking in under the door and destroying the carpet.  OH – and the doors opened to the inside – really good planning all the way around.


So the doors went, and a concept of creating an intimate yet formal dining room emerged.




Our friend and guide Ann did this for us.  The end result was something that was a lot better for trying to install crown molding within the dining area.  Not a lot of room – its only 9’ x 10’


Now new windows were installed on the back of the house – because only the front ones were replaced by the previous owners.  So, good by French and hello Paladin




Local contractors did the replacement.  The wall is now wired for about anything – plug ins, two sconces and there is an antique crystal chandelier installed as well.  Hopefully, we’ll find some sconces to match. 


The carpet was removed and the objective is to install new Wilsonart Flooring in this room.  Check out iFloor for samples of the possibilities.  We are leaning to a rich cherry flooring.  This is a laminate product that should hold up well in a high traffic area.  The small striped rug points into the kitchen.



The entrance into the living room and hall            Entrance into the kitchen note tears

Note some of the molding is tacked up for            in the vinyl and munchkin raiding the fridge.

Visual affects.


Oh, don’t forget that there is a lot of molding work to be done in this room – crown molding, baseboard, and then entrance trim.  So that should round out the project.  Especially when you consider the fact that the window has to be trimmed out as well.