The Front Door Project



Project Description:  Dad and Rod will attempt to remove the existing front door and replace it with something that will look a heck of a lot better than what is there.  This should be a lot of fun considering that the door is somewhat different in size than standard measurements. 


The project consists of:


  1. Removing the old door;
  2. Removing the vinyl flooring that needs to come out at this time;
  3. Installing the new door and leaving enough room for the new flooring;
  4. Installing the new flooring if it arrives in time.


Now there were some needed technical shots of the jams and here those are:



View of the Jam from outside                       Look at the Jam straight on

                                                                            Trim, then start of jam, stop, weather, interior jam

                                                                            Which is flush with the wall, total width 5”


The Vinyl Flooring – Flinstones lived here!


This is the flooring that needs to be replaced – it was not installed correctly, is peeling away from the floor and the door.


Entrance way with a small rug trying to hide the “Pebbles” inspired flooring. 

Bedrock City chic!




Problems in quarry Fred.