About Wilhelmina Weber born 24.05.1873.


I search for decentents after Stefan Weber, Meistersdorf 144 married to Maria Anna Palme, Kittlitz 64.  One of their children was my grand-mother Wilhelmina Weber, she went to Denmark in 1895 and got married to my grandfather, he was glass blower, and he was from Germany (Dusseldorf) too. My grandmother died in Denmark in 1946.


I know that she had 4 sisters and 3 brothers, their names were: Marie - Emma - Anna - Ernestine - Ernst - Eduard and Otto.  Eduard had been in Denmark ca 1894 - 96, but went to U.S.A.  Otto was in Denmark for 1 - 2 years between 1895-1897 but returned to Germany.


I am the last in the line, who had known my grandmother and I have a lot of old photos and posters, I would to like to show to the descendants - and perhaps hear more about the family.


Lise Queck