The first of two unknown beauties is this picture that was acquired from E-bay.  It was taken circa 1906, at least according to the pencil mark on the back, and there were a group of various auctions featuring unmarked portraits taken by Franz Zeh at his Steinschönau studio.  I do not know who this beautiful lady actually is, but if you do, contact me.



The second was found here (click this link) and visiting the website of Mary Ann Allen called which has this second unknown Steinschönau beauty.  Lukas the owner shared the photo and its back with me for use here as well, and it is below.  My suspicions are that this is a picture a bit older than the one above – style of dress, furniture and the style of the picture itself.  But, I am not an expert.  Please contact me if you can help identify this.  Also, take some time to visit Mary Ann’s website.  Below is the back of this photograph, courtesy of Lukas, and the style is very different from that above.  Thanks for sharing Mary Ann and Lukas!