Visiting Steinschönau


For many of us, we have heard the stories – or maybe have a fleeting recollection of this community from our youth.  Ah to just visit….


Some of our group have visited Steinschönau and walked its streets, toured its museums, walked inside the Church, and walked between the tombstones of the cemetery.  As a result, there are some great experts on traveling in and about Steinschönau and so I am going to start adding information to the site for those able to make such a ‘pilgrimage.’  If you get that chance and do make the trip, and found this site helpful, I simple ask for one thing – light a candle in the Church in memory of our collective ancestors who once lived and worshiped there.


Paul Ptacek suggested travelers also spend time here at this Czech tourist oriented site.  The material is in Czech but the symbols can help you navigate the site [] information for Kamenicky Senov.  This is a great site to find information also for other communities you may be wanting to visit.


“Official” means that the businesses and individuals have been repeatedly used by members of this group with positive results.  If you have suggestions or additional comments, please let me know.




Jakub Smid – Jakub has met many a visitor and been their guide and translator.  You will find his services quite affordable and impeccable.  Contact him at Jakub Smid.



In addition to Jakub, Paul Ptacek’s Czech Census research service is impeccable.  Paul’s contacts can help you locate much needed information found within the Czech archives before you make the voyage.   I have benefited from Paul’s work and assistance.  Also, keep him in mind if you are looking for postcard images from villages and such.



Kresice 7
CZ-40711 Decin 31
Tel.: +42 (0) 412 548 187
Fax: +42 (0) 412 548 181
Located only a few minutes drive away from Steinschönau, it is owned by a repatriated Steinschönauer of the Palme line.  The owner returned to the Czech Republic after the fall of the Communist Government and reacquired his grandfather’s factory and converted it to a hotel.  At least one staff member speaks English.