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Kamenicky Senov


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Bohemian Glass Wonders

Special thanks to Leslie Megahey who has provided these pages!

*   The Fouss Wappenpokal A Glass Treasure

*   Beckert and Massanetz

*   Gebruder Eiselt

*   Glass Books

*   An American Glass Artist in Steinschönau ê

*   CSM-Bohemian Glass Company

(online shop) ê

*   Glassmaking School  ê



*  Middle Ages

*    1700s

o   1752 Glass Handlers

*  1800s

*  1900s

*  Housing data

*  Census data




Neighboring Villages & Towns



*    Listing of Items available at the Ceska Lipa Archive

*      1669 Landlord Registry

*  Extracts for the Knechtel families from the Inhabitant’s Lists

o        1850

o        1861

o        1921 Census for House Nr. 92

*      Some Ellis Island Arrivals 
Thanks Paul Ptacek!

*   Family of Elisabeth Eiselt

*      Kreibich/
Extracts of BMDs 1840-1860 – courtesy of Laurel Bornholt

*   Emil Kirschner Archives
This is a collection of pictures and two documents associated with Emil Kirschner – maybe?  Part II is a collection of pictures, and Part III contains three of his report cards. 

*    Struppe-Helzel Family

*    Zinke-Helzel Doc’s

*    Johanna Vetter’s Birth & Baptismal extraction

*    Zinke Entries

Pictures of the City

*  House No. 92

*  Unknown Beauties

*  Postcards 

*    Kamenicky Today

*    Another set of recent pictures by Walter and Vera.

*    Büchse Photos

*    1849 Painting

*    c. 1929 Dance Class

*    Recent Visit
Courtesy of Rosemary and Joe Voyles

*    Freudenheim


Lusatian Mountains Site  ê


Old Family Photos

*       Helzel-Endler

*       Helzel-Kreibich

*       Clemens Knechtel

*       Conrath  Siblings


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Visiting Steinschönauê


Wikipedia Entries

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