Steinschönau/Kamenicky Senov

A virtual Heimat center

Welcome to the Virtual Heimat center for

Steinschönau/Kamenicky Senov

and its neighbors


Crest of Kamenicky Senov

Courtesy of Ralf Hartemink’s International Civil Heraldry

It is hoped that this site can serve as a means to share information about Steinschönau prior to 1946.  By doing so, it is also hoped that family connections can be reforged.


So, come and learn about the Heimat of our family – come and visit Steinschönau on the web.



The purpose of the site is to

* Share information

* Reconnect Families

* Provide a center for learning about the region

* Support projects that would aid our collective endeavors

* Support projects that would be a fitting tribute to our ancestors


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Site Dedication

Erich Knechtel


Erich Knechtel with his

lovely wife of 57 years

Isolde (nee Walter)


This site is dedicated to Erich Knechtel, a Steinschönauer and cousin to the keeper of the website.  Erich was the patriarch of the Knechtel clan and generously shared with many the great documents and stories about Steinschönau that will eventually make it on to the website.  Erich past on before seeing this site, so this is dedicated to his memory and his dedication to his family’s history.  We will greatly miss the “Patriarch of our Clan.” 


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For information or suggestions, drop me a note!

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Postal Address:  Rod Fleck, Post Office Box 446, Forks, Washington 98331

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