More about Maria Elisabeth Palme

House No. 115 – Steinschönau


Maria Elisabeth Palme was born in Steinschönau House No. 115. She was the mother of Maria Elisabeth Winde or Weide who was born in Meisterdorf House No. 5.  Maria Elisabeth Winde was mother of Maria Elisabeth Wenzel/Wentzel/Wenzl and was also born in Meisterdorf House No. 5 in 1790. 


Maria Elisabeth Wenzel was the mother of Ignaz Hackel and Franceska Hackel.  Ignaz was born in 1826 in Meisterdorf House No. 2.  He was the father of Emilie Hackel, born in 1862 in Meisterdorf No. 55, and Emilie is Rosemarie Haenel Voyles grandmother.  Ignaz was the Unkle of Josef Hackel, the great grandfather of Sue Hackel Bell. 


Thus, Maria Elisabeth Palme of House No. 115 in Steinschönau is the 4G Grandmother of Rosemarie, and the 5G Grandmother of Sue Hackel Bell.  Both of the ladies are pictured here (Rosemarie on the left and Sue on the right) in front of the ancestral home of Maria Elisabeth Palme. 


Individuals interested in this family should contact either Rosemarie Voyles or Sue Hackel Bell.