M. Bonne, cartographer, Map of Bohemia ca. 1760-1780. 

        Map is actually 9.5 inches by 15 inches and was found on www.ebay.de by my wife as a birthday present.  I have made two scans – not of high quality (dpi) but if you would like one of higher quality let me know and we can get a digital copy made for you for a couple dollars.


1.                  Scan of most of the entire map – 400kb

2.                Scan of the area around Leitmeritz – 125kb


Older map, ca. 1800, of the Region – 45kb   Another map that Erich copied and shared with me. 


Map of the Böhmische-Kamnitz/Steinschönau Region


        This is a copy of a map that Erich copied and sent to me to help me place the various communities around Böh-Kamnitz and Steinschönau.  It is 400kb so will take a bit of time on a 56kb modem to load up.


Postcard Montage with Map

This was an Ebay find.  A great postcard with a map centered between the four vignettes used in this montage.


Road map of Steinschönau/Kamenicky-Senov – circa 1945


        This map is a copy Erich sent me that survived our house fire in 1999. The map is awesome in its details.  The “zu 92” refers to House 92 – one of the Knechtel family homes in Steinschönau – and where my ancestors lived until they immigrated in the 1890s.


Map Associated with the Kamenicky Today photos