Emil Kirschner’s Report Cards


Recently, on e-bay, I was able to acquire another Kirschner document – the seller actually had a few of them, so I bought the lot. 


Emil attended school at first in Parchen.  The report card notes that he was born on 4 Jun 1886.  His father is Emil Kirschner.  His marks improved as the year went along.



Four years later, Emil is getting near perfect marks in all of his topics – singing is the one where he is getting “2s.”




Now in 1898, he is in the Steinschönau Boy’s School.  Here we learn that he was born in Parchen, he is Roman Catholic and he continues to get good marks – here his singing gets him the highest marks, while other scores are the equivalent of 2s and 3s out of five point scale.  His 1899/1900 report card is in the first Part of this digital archive.