All pictures are of glasses by Karl Massanetz, circa 1914-1918.




 (1890-1918) brought to perfection the black and gold style enameling, becoming celebrated and much imitated for his precise feathery brushstrokes, the most delicate of fine lines merging in a dense overall foliage pattern, highlighted in gold.   His career was tragically brief: born in Steinschönau, he was killed in 1918, only 28 years old, fighting in the first World War.     A few years ago a dealer in Vienna found for me a small kelchglass, illustrated below, enameled under the bowl with Massanetz’s signature and the date November 5, 1917- just months before his death.    Much gold and schwartzlot work by other designers is mis-attributed to him, perhaps sometimes deliberately since he commands the highest prices at auction, but his style is particular and unmistakable.


Footed bowl and an example of the signature/penmanship style of Massanetz .  Here the date of 5 Nov 1917 is easily made out.



A stunning wine glass by Massanetz.  The detail used along side the introductory text and here again shows the remarkable attention to detail and line.