Records from the list of house owners



house n. Name                                       date of birth

92   Knechtel Anton                               16.08.1827

       (house holder)

              II wife:

                    Theresia born Limbächer    03.03.1847

                     Children: Anton                 25.12.1864

                                  Anna                   27.08.1866

                                  Maria                   03.10.1869

                                  Terezia                23.12.1873


1890-1900, with official side notes


house n. Name of the owner     Name of family members   born              state

92          Anton Knechtel                                             16.08.1827

              (house holder)

                           II     wife: Teresia, b. Limbächer       03.03.1847


       Deceased 28.07.1894 Anton                         25.12.1864    - single, heir to

                                         Anna                          27.08.1866    the house

                                          Maria                          03.10.1869    stead

                                          Terezia                       23.12.1873



On the opposite side:

                                                     written down in the year

Knechtel Anton                                                    16.08.1827    deceased 29.04.1901


                           Knechtl Theresia                      03.03.1847

                           Children: Anna                         27.08.1866

                                           Maria                        03.10.1869

                                           Terezia                     23.12.1873



                           Wenzel Marie                           21.07.1887

                           Gestanding n.

                                         B. Kamnitz (Ceska Kamenice)

                                         B. Tetchen. (Decin)




house n. Name of the owner     Name of family members   born              state

92          Knöchel Christof                             23.03.1844


                                  wife: Marie                  27.06.1847




92          Galle Franz                                     05.12.1872

              (economist and “Gurtler” = “glass cutter”)      moved to Kunnersdorf,  district (okr.)

                                                                     Techten (Decin)

Steinschönau      . APR 1911

                                  Wife: Theresia                   23.12.1873

                                  Children: Franz                 01.11.1902

                                            Richard                   9.11.1905

                     Mother-in-law: Theresia Knechtl      03.03.1846


Bit confused, isn't it. As to the date: On the book of 1924-38, there stood this date and it's even in the list of documents like this with this date, but there was also 1911 on the book in another handwriting. I wasn't sure what to think of it, so I copied it as it was.

The “box” represents a stamp, Steinschonau is Kamenicky Senov.

Well, ask about anything that seems unclear to you, I'll do my best to explain it.

The side note in bold writing is the official side note.


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