The following surnames are in my Steinschoenau direct line:


§      gg grandfather: Wilhelm HELZEL (b 1834, Steinschoenau),

§      gg grandmother: Theresa ENDLER

§      g grandmother: Wilhelmina HELZEL (b 1860, Steinschoenau)

§      g grandfather: Wilhelm KREIBICH (b 1857, Steinschoenau)

§      grandmother: Marie KREIBICH (b 1879, Steinschoenau)


Others in the family tree include:  PEITSCH and HORN.


My Helzel and Kreibich relatives traveled from Steinschoenau to the USA around 1890 to 1907 and settled in Jeanette and then later in Charleroi, Pennsylvania.  I have family data back to the early 1800's.  I only have my Steinschönau family tree data back to 1834 for my Helzel gg grandfather and back to 1857 for my Kreibich great grandfather.  I have no detail data on where (street & house) they lived or how they earned their living, except my great grandfather worked in the glass making profession after he came to the USA.