Eduard Palme from Meistersdorf, (on the ship's passenger list when he came to the USA from Denmark in 1924, he lists Steinschönau as his birthplace), was also in the glass industry, as seemingly were most members of my family of that era-in Steinschönau, later in Germany, and from the early 1890's, in Denmark.


His son came to the USA to work in various glass manufacturers-in Bowling Green, Ohio, Massachusetts, New York etc.  I found a terse reference to him in "The Rich Cut Glass of Charles Guernsey Tuthill", by Crofford, where the author, describing the beginning of the Tuthill factory in Middletown, NY, writes:

"By the middle of March (1900) Charles had hired two additional journeyman cutters.  The first was Bruno H. Palme, a best glasscutter, who started in the latter part of February." 

Bruno, who went by Hugo, his middle name, was my grandfather. 


Christian Jensen is related to Lise Qveck of Lyngby outside Copenhagen, also a member of the Steinschonau list.  She is descended from Eduard’s sister.