Census materials

*     Unfortunately, the older census materials did not survive for Steinschönau.  According to Paul Ptacek, owner of Czech Census Searchers, there are substitutes however:


I believe only the 1921 census records have survived for Kamenicky Senov (Stein Schonau), but there are lists of citizens, known as Bürgerlisten or obyvatelska kniha, for this town that go back to the late-1600s.  These lists of citizens are similar to the census records.  They list the occupants of each household, their years of birth (sometimes date also), their occupations, and occasionally other notes.  These lists were completed each year, but there are some gaps in the records where some of the lists have been lost or destroyed.  In addition to the name of the person or family you're researching, it would be very helpful if you could provide the house numbers.