Glassmaking School


One of the center pieces of the community remains the Glassmaking School.  In 2006, Radio Praha did a feature story and posted the story in English to its website.  This is a great summary of the Glassmaking School and its history with remarkable pictures highlighting the examples of the work the students and teachers have done.

            The School also has a wonderful website with information on the School’s history, its faculty and the work done by both students and teachers.  The site is well worth spending time exploring and marveling at the wonders of the Glassmaking School. 

            Also, keep in mind that Chad Holliday is studying here at the school and has a blog about his Fulbright experience at the school.  It’s a great site and Chad shares the joys and frustrations of being an American family in a foreign country – but you can tell he loves the opportunity and that which he is learning.